Thursday, April 25, 2019

Altoid Specimen Tin

Even if I haven't been posting like crazy, I've been making like mad. I've hit one of those periods where one inspiration leads to another, and so on, until I can't possibly keep up with all the ideas in my head!

There are about three hundred things on the go in my studio, but I wanted to make sure to share something before you forgot about me. So, I finished up this specimen Altoid tin to show off today.

The outside paper is from Communique. The inside is lined with vintage music paper. The butterflies are fussy cut from Butterfly Specifics - Old Curiosity Shoppe.

All those little specimen labels are from THIS new collage sheet set. I'm including two pages in this set. One page is filled with blank labels and the other filled with descriptions (low key fairy themed). While there aren't editable text areas, if you have basic photoshop/photo editing skills you should be able to add text on top of the image file, adding your own descriptions.

For authenticity, I recommend viewing THIS tutorial to create an aged glass look.

  A little bit of fake grime makes a big difference!

Inside those jars are all sorts of wee things. Twigs, roots, petals, bones, glitter, moss... basically anything that fit inside those little vials.

All the bits used:

Artifact Labels - 2 PDF collage sheet download
Mint tin
Mini vials
Communique (exterior paper)
Old Curiosity Shoppe (paper butterflies)
Music paper
Wee bits to fill the vials
Metal card/Label holder