Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Little Moon Portraits

I've been working like mad! I have a number of projects coming up that I think you'll like. Some projects have to sit in my back pocket for a while before I share them, but I do have a whole set of bits to show off today.

I started off with those little resin frames that you find in the bargain bins at Michael's. They were all different colours and not the colour scheme I wanted to play with, so I primed and painted and messed with them until they made a nice group.

Inside I've filled each with a lady from Little Portraits.

Backed with old music papers, coloured blue and sprinkled with stars.

Each has a paper moon from my new Compact Celestial Collage Sheet.

And a paper butterfly from my Wee Assorted Butterflies sheet

Finally, some Flat Back Gold Stars

So, to make your own you'll need the following bits:

ssorted small resin frames
Little Portraits
Compact Celestial Collage Sheet
Wee Assorted Butterflies
Flat Back Gold Stars

Old paper (for background)
Acrylic paint

And if you'd rather not make your own, all of these ladies are available in the etsy shop HERE

Happy humpday, lovelies! Hope the rest of your week is magical.