Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Mini Retro Sticker Album

I was listening to The Murder Squad the other week and Billy Jenson (one of the hosts) mentioned collecting stickers as a kid. Man oh man, memories of my own sticker album came rushing back and I immediately wanted to make a mini sticker album.

It turned out pretty dang adorably. It was amazing how many people had such strong memories of their sticker collections. The types and styles and smells. The trading! Such good, sweet, nostalgia.

It made me so happy I made a second album. And while it's not perfect I wanted to share this project because I think it's such a nice little dose of happiness.

For the second little album I took a trip to the Dollar Tree and visited the kids sticker section. I stood there and wondered why the hell I ever gave up sticker collecting and seriously considering starting a new one. I mean, there are some seriously fun and nifty stickers out there!

I managed to buy a few books with stickers tiny enough for my wee albums. I think the secret is to look for things that say 700 Stickers! There's a slew of tiny stickers in there that most people would groan over, but are perfectly suited to these wee books. The other option is to hit the beauty section, find the nail polish and have a nose about for tiny nail embellishments. Perfect little sticky size.

As far as the albums. These are handmade, spiral bound, hardcover with laminate pages inside. I don't know about you but my old sticker album had that plastic film covering the pages and it wouldn't be right if my mini version didn't have that too.

If you'd like to make your own wee album I do have a tute that takes you through everything. You can find that HERE on my youtube channel.

And here is the list of all the supplies that you'll need (it really doesn't take much to make these!)
• card stock (cover paper)
• cardboard (cereal box)
• scrapbook paper
• thin wire (I used florist wire)
• glue stick
• packing tape

Helpful tools:
• something pokey/small hole punch
• brayer
• thin doweling
• bone folder
• scissors
• paper cutter

What do you say? Are you with me?! Let's stir up some 80s style radical cuteness!