Thursday, December 05, 2019

Krampusnacht! A shout out to the naughty list peeps

Tonight, the evening of December 5th, is Krampusnacht. It's Krampus night!!!

Kramps and Saint Nicholas head out this evening, with Krampus punishing terrible children and Saint Nicholas leaving a pressie for good little ones. (If you're wondering what the heck is St. Nick doing out this early, December 6th is the feast day of Saint Nicholas in Western Christian traditions.)

I love all the Krampus images I've seen over the years and have been meaning to do some Krampus pieces for a good long while. While I didn't do all the things I wanted to, I got my act together and managed a little bundle of Krampus goodness this year.

There's Krampus' sack that he shoves bad children inside with his chains and bells dangling. There's a golden switch to beat awful children. A lump of coal (which is far better to receive than being dragged to the underworld and eaten). And a Krampus  head ornament made with paperclay and a some wool roving for whiskers and eyebrows.

A better look at all those goods. 

Aside: black is an absolute bugger to photograph and definately on the naughty list.

I was going to do a whole thing on the history of Krampus but to be perfectly honest, no one really knows his origins and there is a big steaming heap of misinformation out there. We can all agree that he's a pre-Christian relic that has managed to survive 100's of years through the age old tradition of trying to keep rotten children in line.

Speaking of rotten kids... what's with the coal?

Again, no one really knows. Which is weird because there are a bunch of Christmas-time figures who dole out coal to naughty boys and girls in a bunch of different cultures. Perhaps it's because it's a necessity rather than gift reward? Who knows. 

I thought it would be fun to dole out some coal this year. I've included a little coal label on my Merry Little Christmas Labels download and used it to package up some bit of coal (ok, it's charcoal, not real coal, but I know you won't rat me out). I've used little vials with wide-ish necks to put wee lumps inside. And that cellophane bag has chocolate lumps of coal inside for those who aren't completely awful.

I really kind of love these drawstring teabags I picked up that look like wee sacks. How cute would they look dyed red?!

While it's super fun to hand out reminders that we're all a little naughty, don't forget to encourage goodness (and not by beating the evil out with birch twigs). So, my Notes from the North Pole, a nice list notification download, will be available for just $1 until Christmas morning.

I have no idea where to plonk this fact, but I think it's too fascinating not to include so... Many old depictions of Krampus show him with one cloven and one human foot. No one knows why. 

OK! Go, behave, and I wish you all the best tonight. Here's hoping you're not whacked with the Krampus switch and shoved in a sack. You're lovely so I'm sure you'll be fine.

P.S. I only made a few Krampus ornaments and have already given most of them away so there are none available this year. Sorry guys!