Friday, April 24, 2020

Chicken Wings... Errr... I Mean Fairy Wings

A batch of baby chicks arrived yesterday and man oh man are they ever sweet and fuzzy.

Someone tagged me in a pic of chicks with cupcake liner tutu's on and I was directed to replicate it... however these dudes are too wee for ballet class just yet. (Seriously, the cupcake liners are bigger than they are!)

So I gave them fairy wings instead. I mean until their feathers come in they could really use some help in the fluttering department.

Before you begin to worry, cross my heart, none of these babies were harmed or in any discomfort at all wearing these wings. I created tiny harness', weighing less than a gram, that rested, nestled, into their fluff that easily slid on and off.

And speaking about those wings... after a number of requests I've created a new transparency sheet with a single style of 'Fae Wing' in a natural neutral colour.

AND... AND... I have all transparency sheets listed at 20% off all weekend so pop over to the etsy shop and have a gander if you're making winged things.

Hope you've been dandy. Wash yer hands and stay safe, lovelies.