Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Tiny Tarot Box

First and foremost... 

Ok, so, one of the most popular items in my etsy shop are these Tiny Tarot decks. They're the cutest.

They come in a clear cello bag that makes shipping them a dream because they can be popped in an envelope and shipped via lettermail. BUT... I've often been asked about boxes for the little things, whether for gift-giving or just for safe keeping. 

I've FINALLY gotten off my duff, sorted my scatterbrain, and put together a template for a perfectly sized box for those Tiny Tarot decks. Just look how snug they are!

While I don't think I'll be offering the boxes for sale, you are absolutely welcome to make your own wee box for free!

If you're using Cricut, use this SVG FILE.
OR in Cricut's Design Space you can look me up (Pixie Hill) or search for Pixie Hill Tiny Tarot Deck Box and you should find the project file for the box.

Silhouette users can use this Studio3 FILE
I'm brand new to Silhouette so I hope that the file works for you. Remember to assign "score" to the yellow lines when you send your file.

Here is a PNG Sticker Image that makes a nice finishing touch to the top of your box. If you don't have sticker paper, don't worry. Just print and cut on printer paper and use a glue stick to adhere it to the top of your box. There are three various tarot cards on the graphic to chose from.

A few tips/notes:

• Download the image, then print. When a graphic is printed directly from a browser it is often a low res preview that you are printing and not the best quality image.

• Your score lines might need to be adjusted ever so slightly depending on the thickness of your cardstock. Do a trial run to make sure everything is scoring/folding nicely.

• Print at 100% You may get an error message about print size if you're using the Basic Template Graphic above, but don't worry, I've taken the margins into account and the printed file should have no issues.

• WHAT?!?! You don't have a Tiny Tarot deck for your little box? Pop over to my etsy shop and use code "TINYTAROTTEN" for 10% off any Tiny Tarot purchase.

P.S. For reals, I hope you're doing well xoxo