Tuesday, June 20, 2023

A Fairy Crown

 Is it a crown? A tiara? A diadem? A headband? Whatever it is, it's fekkin' cute.

Tomorrow is the summer solstice! My garden is ready and my faerie magick en pointe. But what's the fun in faerie enchantment if it isn't shared? So, make a magickal head-topper with me.

Here are all the bits and pieces I used to create my faerie crown:
• inexpensive headband
• strips of tea-stained cotton (you could use ribbon, lace instead)
• grunged up cheesecloth (optional)
• faux flowers and leaves
• hot glue
• mushrooms (shells, beads, crystals, anything your heart desires)

That's it!

Now here's how you smash all that together