Monday, October 09, 2023

Halloweeny: Spooky Wreath

Ok, maybe it's more cute than creepy or spooky, but the nice thing about Halloweeny is that that doesn't matter one pip!

This is made entirely with stash and DollarTree finds. I honestly just threw a bunch of stuff at it until I liked what I saw.

I started with a regular wreath frame from DollarTree and wrapped some burlap around that. Then covered the burlap with spanish moss. That completed my base.

On top of that I added pingpongesque eyeballs, plastic bones, leftover fake leaves and flowers from my crown making. There's a few googly eyes in there and fake spiders and ants crawling around. 

I cut lengths of tea-stained cotton and tied them together to make a 'ribbon' to hang my masterpiece. Finally, I used my hot-glue gun to make some spidery type webs which was quite cathartic given I'm usually fighting to get rid of those wispy bits.

Do you think I'll actually get some goblins and ghouls visit this year with this hanging on my door? If not, no worries, I don't mind eating all the halloween candy one bit.