Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another find

Today, amidst my paints and screen printing supplies I came across an old box filled with...

... lovely old wooden checkers.

I also discovered 4 wisks hiding in my junk drawer. I don't recall ever buying a wisk so how have I come to own 4 of the things? I think my junk drawer is breeding.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A pleasant surprise

We stopped by the new joint last night to take some measurements. The plot next door has been sold and they've already chopped down a few trees so we may have to contend with a bit of building over the next while... at least there's an end to construction. Hopefully we'll end up with some nice new neighbours :)

The packing continues and I suppose one good thing about it is that you are forced to go through your stuff and give some thought about what you want to lug to the next place. You also discover treasures you forgot were hidden in the back of the closet. Today I came across these lovely things...

Lovely vintage tin reflectors for x-massy lights. Hmmm, I wonder what sort of crafty purpose I can put these to?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Packing... Oh the joys

We've begun packing our things away, getting ready for another move. It's sort of depressing really, putting away all the lovely things that inspire me, all my tools and bits and bobs. *sigh* It's only for a few weeks.

We have come across several boxes that didn't even make it to the 'unpack' stage at this house. Really, we hardly had time to settle in.

Ah well, "On to better things" as they say.

Fingers crossed and all that jazz.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No. 3 The Empress

Here's my latest attempt at the Major Arcana ~ The Empress.

The Empress is a mother figure and this lass is pretty much looks the part of motherly perfection. The arch behind is pattern paper, representing domestic skill. There's also some handmade paper peeking over her shoulders to hint at the wheat fields usually depicted in this card. Usually the Empress is crowned with 12 stars, representing the 12 months of the year but I've given our gal 12 pearls of wisdom instead. Lastly a heart shaped locket signifying her association with Venus and 2 halves of a pomegranate hidden within... a lusty and fruitful symbol :)

Monday, April 12, 2010


Just look at that glorious colour! Everything seems so lovely and bursting with life today. *dreamy sigh*

We had our front door fixed today. It's been sitting broken for about 2 weeks. One of the things that distinguishes rural/small town life from the big city is the pace in which things are done. We've waited for the door to be fixed, for our garage doors to be replaced, we wait in line while people chat in shops... we wait for about a million other little things... but it's something that I find I've quickly grown accustomed to and don't mind in the least. As long as things get done eventually we'll be alright. I wonder what the rush was in the first place.

I figure I must be assimilating rather nicely because I even find myself humming along and rockin' my head to the local classic rock station. Hell, I don't even cringe when Rush comes on anymore! Less than a year ago I would have gagged and begged for the station to be changed as soon as Geddy Lee's 'distinctive' voice wavered over the airwaves. My poor husband has lost the button labeled "Tom Sawyer" that he enjoyed pushing at every opportunity :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

In praise of St. Joseph and Thanks to the Gods :)

We've been very fortunate and have managed to sell this joint and buy some new diggs in no time at all (although it felt eons).

After seeing over 20 houses we've decided on this pretty thing...

A 100 year old farm house sitting on 2 acres of rolling hills or 'toboggan slopes' as the husband calls them. Hell, it even has a babbling brook!

We had originally dismissed the house because the price tag was a bit high, there were dead flies everywhere, and it needs some work.... then the price dropped and we had a second look. We held our breath and took the plunge.

So thanks to the Gods, Goddess and Saint Joseph we are ready to move forward and start living a magical life once again :)

Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Hierophant

My partner in the 'craft a tarot card' swap left the second card choice up to me. I chose card no. 5 'The Hierophant'.

Looking through my collection of old photos I came across a group shot of a gang priests (Do they travel in gangs I wonder? What exactly do you call a group of holy men?). Anywho I thought this fellow was suitable.

The Hierophant is/was also called The Pope or High Priest in some decks. In the journey of the Fool the hierophant is a wise man who gives advice, helping him to cope with his fears, bringing him back to reality.

I was raised Catholic, and although I never had a priestly sage to turn to, I was fortunate enough to know a few nuns who gave wonderful bits of wisdom. I remember speaking about one of the priests that struck fear into all of us and a sister telling us "A priest is just a man. He is God's agent... but he is not God." Another told us that sometimes feeling lazy might be God's way of telling us to settle down and take a break once in while.

I may not follow the same path as those nuns but they were wildly wonderful people :)