Saturday, December 01, 2012

Two Turtle Dove Houses

The fab folks at Alpha Stamps are hosting a 12 Days of Christmas event. I'm a lucky duck and got the number 2 to work with. I decided to stick with tradition (sort of) and make two turtle dove houses.

They're pretty darned cute and I'm going to show you how you can make your own!

Grab an old teacup and a chunk of florist oasis. Shave, cut and trim the oasis until it fits snugly into the cup.

Glue the oasis in place and then cover the top with white glue and create a mossy lawn. This is just loose moss, but you could use sheet moss as well.

Next I added some beautiful Mica Fragments - Pearlized which look just like antique snow. You could leave this step to the end but I found it easiest to do it at this point. Now your base is complete!


For the little house, I've used Paper Mache Birdhouses. To make life easier I simply pulled out the perch and worked with it as a flat surface.

I covered the sides in different papers from the same colour pallet for interest and added a cute  Ruffle Edge Trim - Cream.

The roof is made using Velvet Ric Rac. Starting at the bottom edge just apply strips. When your glue has dried you can just snip off the extra rough edges.

To hide the cut edge, I applied a Thin Fleur Dresden Border.  That background? It's Aesop’s Fables - Tortoises and Hares Collage Sheet. Using an image for the background is a great way to add visual interest to a piece.

To the peak of the roof I added a Black Zig Zag Dresden Border, and rolled a piece of coordinating  scrapbook paper (this is the reverse side of Botanicabella: Birds in Paradise) and a couple of vintage buttons to finish it off the ends.

Now for the real fun part. Adding embellishments! Whoever said "Less is more" probably wasn't a crafter. Here I've added, Brass Turtle Doves, paper embellishments and Clear Acrylic Bead Sprays.

To create the stand I took a piece of wooden dowling and painted it white. Then I wrapped a ribbon around it (I used  3/8 Inch Iridescent Ribbon). A perfectly striped effect! 

Top your striped dowel with a Small Wooden Box Foot, and affix it to the bottom of the house. When dried, you can push the dowel right into the oasis base and it should hold your house firmly in place.

Finally I added some Christmas Pixies and paper trees to my scenes. I used my new favourite, the Little Darlings CS Sheet. This sheet really is fab! Each of the kidlets appears in twice, once in reverse, so that you can paste it back to back, leaving a clean and neat backside. Add wings and crowns and you're turtle doves will have their very own little pixie guardians. 

Here's the materials list for both houses in case you want to make your very own:
Old teacups, Florist oasis, Glue, Moss, Buttons


Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I grabbed the mail from the postbox this afternoon and then trudged down to the school bus stop. I was going to flip through my husbands cooking magazine but then realized it wasn't a cooking magazine at all!

Yep! Those are my wee ATC's in Somerset Studio! Christmas came early at the Pixie House :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Paul Peel

The Art Gallery of Ontario posted a Paul Peel image on fb this morning and it reminded me of our trip to there this summer. Every time the husband and I would gasp at an astonishing piece, well, it was a Peel. I think his work is simply divine and absolutely inspired.

This one, The Young Gleaner, hangs in the Art Gallery of Ontario. It's so full of life. The light coming through the girls hat is astounding. I could stand and look at it for hours.

Here are a few more beautiful Peel's to peek at. Imagine what he would have painted had he lived past 32!

*Dreamy sigh*

Monday, November 19, 2012

If you go into the woods today...

Yesterday afternoon, Mr Pixie, the kidlet and I went for a hike at Presqu'ile Provincial Park. While there, we helped the park faeries spread a bit of magic and left some treats behind...

A gnome hat perched on a log with old toadstools, along with a couple of miniature books for good measure.

And what is that spied on a piece of birch bark? A tiny crown and book of fairy tales!

The place is infested with faerie folk.

We passed a family walking in the direction of the gnome hats while doing our sneaky business. There was an attempt to follow them and overhear their reaction, but they didn't spy the shocking red of those caps.

In the Art Abandonment FB group I belong to, it's common to leave a tag with the work that is left behind. In this case I thought it would spoil the magic for the finder. They are left as if forgotten by wee people with no pomp. If the items are not picked up immediately that's fine, other people will get to enjoy the discovery too.

I feel as though leaving those things tagless, without instruction at all, will absolutely ensure those little things find the right home.

A finder-keeper who loves those things so much, they're willing to swipe them?

Happily ever after indeed.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Santa is on the way!

While our American friends are just now celebrating Thanksgiving, my little town is prepping for Christmas. Last night was Brighton's, Santa Claus parade. Twenty minutes of small town floaty goodness. Yep. 20 minutes. We waited longer than we watched, but that's a good thing! The kids don't complain, feet don't get sore, and all is right with the world.

The beaten and battered school bus below was the 'float' for my kiddo's school. I'm pretty sure it was a left over from the local race track's annual school bus race. How fun is it?!?!

I was really liking the hand drawn signs on the floats.

And finally, the fat man himself. It wasn't the REAL Santa (this one had a fake beard) but he was very funny and quite jolly.

Here's the to start of the holiday madness. May your cups be filled with spiked nog, your wallets not drained dry, and your sanity remain intact. (A little crazy is ok.)

Friday, November 16, 2012

For a cause...

I was asked if I'd like to do some mess making for the Shelter Valley Folk Festival "The Art Project". Participants are given a 5x7 canvas board to create works of art that are then auctioned to raise money. The proceeds go toward community programs including artists in the school. How could I possibly say "no"?

After much struggle with several types of glue... here's my contribution:

The theme this year was "community" so I figured I'd best make a wee village on top of that canvas ;)

Fingers crossed it brings them a few buck-a-roos ;)

Here's some additional info swiped from the site: Shelter Valley's "The Art Project" opens its doors from 6:30pm on Sunday November 25th for one night only, ending the evening with a Silent Auction. The event will take place at the Park Theatre & Performing Arts Centre at 60 King Street East in downtown Cobourg (across from Victoria Park). For more details give Shelter Valley a call at 905-349-2788 or visit online at

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Knock, knock...

Saw this on my walk to the school bus this morning. I wonder who lives inside. I bet it's cozy inside!