Monday, June 03, 2013

Masked Bandits

 I created these winged fellows for Alpha Stamps this month. They're hosting a "peek-a-boo" swap to coincide with this months Black and White Silhouettes Kit.

They measure 4"x4". The wings are from my Just Wings Collage Sheet, printed on transparency. The antenna are finely cut pieces of paper.

The inspiration? A couple of weeks ago I watch a movie called The Fall and quickly fell in love. Stunningly beautiful, absolutely wonderful and immediately one of my very favourite things. With bandits, adventure, love and revenge... how could I avoid being inspired?! And so, I've been putting masks on just about everything with a face over the past two weeks.

Fair warning: if you decide to watch this film for yourself (and you totally should) prepare for tears. Also, the leading man, Lee Pace, is kinda dreamy so you might find yourself with a new imaginary boyfriend too.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Standing guard

The weather has been rather funny here as of late. Loads of rainy days which, although I love for making my plants grow, have put a damper of getting a head start on this year's Faerie Tour.

Last night I'd had enough of waiting and starting a little fiddling around the Troll's Hole. I spied this fellow standing guard in the crook of the tree stump next to the Troll's entrance.

Handsome, no?

I managed a bit more clean-up this morning and this is the current state of the hole...

An "Un-welcome" mat and some potted weeds are in order but they'll have to come later. I thought I might also get to work on the Hobbit home and but was greeted by another guardian toad.

I think this fellow was new to his position. He was awfully shy and as soon as this photo was snapped immediately hopped into a corner, pressed himself tightly against the ground, and pretended he was invisible against the mud. His disguise was not nearly as impressive as he believed it to be. He was, in fact, quite visible. But I felt sorry for the dear so I pretended he vanished and left him to recuperate from the fright of our confrontation.

Instead of progress, I'll share the above photo of a newly discovered patch of four leafed clovers growing near the Troll's hole. There are at least two in the photo... can you find them?

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Professor Dukinschnof is missing

I didn't get a "Good morning" today.

Today I was woken with "The duck is gone."

The Professor is missing.

This week the fella was moved into a chicken tractor, a sort of small portable coop that can be moved daily for fresh grass and little mess. We had placed a small tub of water with him and he seemed to be enjoying himself, splashing around in his new diggs.

This morning the end door was found wide open and our dear duck was vanished.

The door that was found wide open has a spring latch mechanism, not exactly the easiest things to operate. We became quickly conscientious about predators when we lost our first chicken three years ago. I'm honestly not sure what to make of the open gate. If it was a predator, well that's something you have to deal with when you raise animals, circle of life and all of that. But if someone opened the gate, which I can't imagine but have to ponder the possibility, it was a terrible and reckless thing to do. The Professor was still just a baby, just getting his feathers, and if someone let him go... well it's a death sentence.

We've walked all over listening for his peeps (poor thing didn't even have his quack yet) but there isn't a trace of him. The very little sensible side of me knows he's gone for good. The crazy and delusional faerie loving optimist is quite sure he'll waddle up to the kitchen door any minute for a cup of tea.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Stash bustin' wind chimes

Today I made wind chimes.

I made three sets but they're hard to photograph so this is all you get :P

They were just made from miscellaneous rusty bits in my stash that I don't think will be terribly missed. I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. Perhaps I'm a little too happy with them because I keep looking at everything and wondering how it would sound clinking and clanking in the breeze.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Float like a butterfly

In the faerie underground there exists a gentleman's club where faerie men do manly things. Sure they play cricket and drink lager but they also display their most manly strength by going toe to toe with wasps and other dangerous buzzy things!


While the fights are quite gruesome, certainly not suitable for the squeamish, serious injuries are rare.

More often than not, the brave Bee Boxers and their winged opponets share a drop or two of mead after the blue bell rings.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Sun is back

I've been terribly lax in my mess making lately, more than a little scatterbrained, and my time management skills seem to have slipped down the drain. *sigh* BUT today is a new day and I will regain control! I will! I WILL!

I stepped back, took a deep breath, and holed myself up in my cocoon and made these pretties last night.

I just love the little quotes from that gem of a torn up children's book hiding in my stash.

Perhaps it's the weather that has me discombobulated. It's been pretty darned chilly and drab around here for the past few days. Not in the least spring-like! But the sun has returned today and so I'm hoping that once again the windows can be thrown open.

Despite the two bouts of hail we've seen, the garden seems to be doing pretty well so far. Sure, a few things have already been nibbled at, but I see a few little things that are so far untouched too. Here's a few pics of our garden (last week before the chill).

The soil looks mighty lush! In no time at all this will be a jumble of squash vines. 

Just a portion of our garlic. Good thing the Mr. and I both like the stuff :)

Pretty violets of spring. I use to collect these for my Oberon's Love Potion. If I can find the recipe I'll post it for you.

Mr Pixie built these for the peas to grow upon. I think they're rather nice and can't wait to see them covered with tendrils.

The boxes in the distance are for salad greens. They heat up the ground and let us harvest leaves earlier than we would otherwise.

And finally our rhubarb. I do hope we get lots and lots this year.  The past couple of years we've only had a little bunch or two. I'd like a whole pie's worth thank-you-very-much. Mr Pixie said I might just get my wish this year!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Working Digitally

Do you digital collage? I've been dabbling, and some of my work is a sort of physical/digital hybrid.

This image is almost an entirely physical mixed media collage. The wee white 'sparkly bits' and floaty hearts were added digitally.

Alpha Stamps is now offering digital collage elements and I got to play with a few images (and add a few of my own!). The following two pieces are entirely digital...

While I don't think that anything could replace working with paper and the physicality of cutting and pasting and playing... there's something to be said for digital work. Digital collage often has an amazing 'other world' feel to it. If nothing else, working digitally can help to make the impossible an almost reality :)