Thursday, July 11, 2013

Staycation Adventure Book

Like a many families we live on a budget and our piggy bank doesn't contain enough pennies for a fancy vacation. While we would love to visit faraway places, we simply cannot afford it. Now, I may not be able to take my kiddo to Cuba or Disneyland, but I can make sure he has a fabulous summer staycation at home.

And so I created this adventure book especially for my kid using Graphic 45 staples and papers. It contains all sorts of things to do, challenges and activities to be accomplished over the summer holiday. There's approximately one tag for each week of summer vacation.

I used a Graphic 45 Regular Tag Album and embellished using a number of Graphic 45 paper collections. The visual goal was to create something vibrant and fun, to toss fuddy duddy design rules out the window and just play with the papers. Since the Graphic 45 papers lend themselves so well to mixing and matching, it all comes together nicely.

What activities are in the book?   

• trip to grandpa’s farm (done!)
• plan a pool party (this weeks tag, party day is tomorrow!)
• scavenger hunt
• a night at the drive-in
• photography challenge (a list of things to take photos of)
• sushi and kung-fu movie night
• prepare and enjoy a picnic
• write a secret coded message (with cypher wheel and blank postcard)
• a checklist of activities for July including camping on the lawn and making a mud pit

• treetop treking adventure with dad  .....and my personal favourite
• treasure map to find a tin of buried coins

Here's a better look at a few of the tags...

Most of the pages have a tag or pocket that can be used for keepsakes of the 'mini-adventures' when completed. The tickets, photographs, notes and drawings he collects will be a reminder of the great summer we spent at home... and hopefully serve as a reminder that you don't need a lot of money to create great memories, just a little bit of imagination :)

Want to make your own? Here's the complete list of materials used in this project:

Graphic 45 paper:
French Country 6x6 Patterns & Solids Pad
French Country Tags & Pockets
French Country Grandeur
French Country Provance 
French Country Bon Appetit 
French Country Chipboard 2 
French Country Promenade 

Secret Garden Pretty Primrose 

Place in Time January Cut-ApartsPlace in Time Chipboard 2 
Place in Time Stickers AlphabetPlace in Time Stickers 
Place in Time July Cut-Aparts 

Bird Song - Enlightenment 
Bird Song Chipboard Die-cuts 1 
Bird Song Stickers

May Arts Ribbon and Twine
Bond Paper
Hand Charm
Tiny Compass
Resin pointing finger
Small metal fork
Metal brad

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Bird Books & Giveaway

I've been doing an awful lot of making for other people lately. Don't get me wrong... it's an honour, and I am thrilled to bits, to be on such grand design teams. I just haven't had much time to make stuff for the sake of making it, to really squeeze those creative juices.

To remedy this I've been working feverishly on a set of altered bird books. There are 5 books in all. The covers are fabric and the measure somewhere around 4.5" x 5ish".

Three of the journals are for sale in my etsy shop HERE. One will be abandoned in the woods for a stranger to discover. The last one I'm giving away!

If you'd like to win one of these birdy journals there's three ways you can toss your name into the mix...

1. ON THE BLOG: Leave a comment on this post and be sure you can be contacted if you win
2. ON FACEBOOK: Comment and share the contest post on the facebook page
3. TWITTER: Tweet something nice @pixiehillstudio #BirdBookPlease

Please enter only once per site.

A winner will be randomly selected from all entries on Friday July 12th. International entries welcome. I will ship world wide but only using the most economical shipping option. Warning: that might mean a very long wait if the winner lives across the sea. Note: The journal sent may vary from the one pictured.

Good luck and much love

Saturday, July 06, 2013

A day of discoveries

It's been an eventful day at Pixie Hill.

First, new toadstools are popping up everywhere. I think the faeries must like their homes this year, otherwise these would not be sprouting right next door.

Then there is this unusual fellow who has sprouted at the spiral. Strange toadstool indeed!

I noticed a great deal of fussing by some tiny little sparrows near the big pine on our front lawn. It didn't take long to see what the commotion was about...

This grumpy little fellow had fallen from his nest. I left him be and went to read up on what to do about fallen birds. Since there was no way to return the wee fellow to the nest, I decided to take a bit of advice and create a little nest near the original one and hope the mamma and papa would take care of the wee thing. Well I popped that little bird into the nest I hobbled and he popped right back out again! He's a feisty little thing and his ma and pa are close by so I suppose all I can do is hope that nature can be kind.


Nature isn't always kind. Mr. Pixie found this in the pool this morning. Isn't it beautiful? It makes me sad that it's not fluttering around, but it's a wonder to hold in your hand. We were certain that it was dead but after a few hours we noticed tiny movements here and there. I'm sure the beautiful creature will not live, but those little movements of resilience are miraculous.

And finally (although the day is not yet over so may not truly be 'finally') I almost mowed this over with the lawn tractor today.

What a strange and marvelous day.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

A Starry French Country Shrine

I'm so excited to begin showing off some my Graphic 45 pieces. I've shown you one or two of the little extra side projects I've done but today they're featuring one of my projects on the Graphic 45 blog.

Here's one of my proper new and sparkly pieces!

 (For a complete list of supplies, scroll to the bottom.)

The piece makes use of the French Country collection, as well as A Ladies' Diary.

I've used the interior sliding box from the Graphic 45 Staples: Small Matchbook Box as the base. The Graphic 45 boxes are thick as can be and incredibly sturdy and solid.
For the feet of the box I've used Ornate Metal Keys I've used 4 keys of the same design but I bet 4 different styles would be quirky cute!

Really and truly, I've had so much fun making things using the Graphic 45 products. Getting a sneak peek at the other design team members work, the versatility of the work created with their papers is pretty dang amazing.

Here's my supply list just in case you want to recreate this piece for yourself :)

Graphic 45 Staples:

Gold star brad
Glitter • Ink • Glue

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Updates, updates, everywhere

I know I've been a bit of a stinker for posting recently and I'm sorry about that. Every time I see a mushroom on the lawn I think of you and want to grab my camera and tell you fairy stories... but life has a funny way of distracting me.

It's been all work and germs here but things are finally slowing down. I've decided to take a break from the crazy and get back to enjoying the imaginary world I've created for myself. I have a dream or two that needs fulfilling ;)

ANYWAY... here are a few updates to life around Pixie Hill

My fairy mailbox broke. I've repaired it once already but the damned thing just falls apart every time there's a breeze. It could be the barrage of rain we've had, but I think it's probably the goblins who are sad no one ever sends them notes.

This is what happens when you mention any small animal in our house. I said "guinea pig" once and a week later Mr Pixie brought home three. After a short stint in the dining room, they are now living happily outdoors and will soon have a brand new spacious pen. They are Calendula (above), Little Sage...

...and Rosemary

Our raspberry plants are just about to ripen. We have to keep a close eye on them because the birds will gladly feast on them and leave us nothing at all if we don't get out there quick enough.

The pretty weeds are blooming nicely. I love yarrow... especially this hot pink one.

The comfrey is blooming to. Bees LOVE comfrey and the plant is forever literally buzzing with activity.

 The veggies seem to be growing well this year. Just look at that lush cabbage!

And that sweet little curly tendril! We've never had luck with peas but we had a feast last night and there's plenty left on the vine.

Loads of these little mushrooms have been popping up all over the yard this year. They are very sweet looking little things. I just love that long spindly stem with the great huge mushroomed dome. 

And here the whole garden looks quite pretty. The constant rains are causing things to bolt quickly and become overgrown as soon as you blink. I like jumbled chaos, the husband prefers neat and tidy rows. Neither one of us is fond of the terrible gangs of mozzies waiting to attack at all times.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Altered Art Board Book Giveaway

Soooo, it's been a while since I did a giveaway... and I am going to the post office on Tuesday... so I thought I'd do a wee contest on my facebook page.

I'm giving away my the 'Language of Flowers' altered art board book I created for Alpha Stamps.

Here's a few pics...

 If you're interested in trying your luck, pop over to my facebook page, find the picture below, leave a comment and give it a share. Easy peasy.


This'll be a short and sweet contest with a random winner being selecting tomorrow evening.

Good luck!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

A wee ATC freebie

It's Canada Day long weekend here in the Great White North. I'm spending it alone, working my fingers to the bone, and damning the video editing software I just can't seem to get the hang of.

BUT it's not all doom and gloom. Here's a little gift from moi to vous...

Here's the link to a downloadable pdf of back tags for your ATC's. They are not ATC sized, but they're just right for putting all the pertinent information on your little works of art.

Now, go and have some beer, back bacon, maple syrup and poutine to celebrate the Cannuk in you!