Monday, November 11, 2013

Lest We Forget

Today is Remembrance Day.

That fellow on the left is my husbands grandfather. On the top right is my own granddad. Both men served and survived.

This is my great-granddad. He survived service too but was not unscathed. He lost the ends of both of his feet to frostbite. He was also stabbed with a bayonet while pretending to be dead as opposing forces checked bodies for survivors in the trench he was laying in.

A few years ago I attended a Remembrance Day service and the veteran who spoke said something that deeply affected me: the grief and remembrance demonstrated on this day should extend to ALL who have served and ALL who have suffered in the name of war. Today is not a glorification of war, but rather a reminder of the consequences of it.

And so today I'll remember the past (heaven help us all if we ever forget) but I'll hope for the future too.

Lest We Forget

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Snowballs and cottages

My house is starting to look like Santa's workshop. I don't mind one little bit but the dog is annoyed. He's a bit neurotic and doesn't like things to be placed in places he likes to lay. Sitting on the floor, watching the telly while painting toadstools drives him batty. He sits in front of me and gives me the stink eye until I give him a scratch behind the ear.


Despite all of the belly rubbing and ear scratching, I have managed to get quite a bit done. A small batch of cheeky snowballs are complete with lots on the way. I've put a listing up in the etsy shop for those who would like to pre-order a set of 4. $65 for a set of 4 handmade 3" ornaments. Single balls will be listed (after pre-orders have been filled) at $19.50 each.

I've also made a batch of bottled Christmas Magic and a set of these adorable Snowy Cottages. New faerie specimens, thimble gardens and little fairy landscapes are in the works too.

I know some people don't like to think about the holidays until such-and-such a date, but as a maker I'm already feeling a little like the white rabbit and checking my watch. The holiday spirit stirring already and I'm sure that by December I'll actually turn into a proper Christmas elf.

Good Morning: Light and leaves

The weather has been funny here. Cool and frosty, then warm, then wet, then cloudy, then sunny! As someone who has quite enough trouble dressing in the morning, I'd appreciate a bit of consistency so that I don't end up wearing shorts during a hail storm (hey, with my style sense it could happen).

This morning there was a damp chill in the air, but it was bright and sunny. It's miraculous what a little sunlight can do. I rambled over to the vegetable garden, which has finished bearing save the brussles sprouts and beets. There are a few things fighting against the chill. Our parsley is spreading and looks rather lush... which is funny because we haven't had much luck with it. The lambs ear is looking lovely and velvety too. Mossy patches still abound and have benefitted from the recent damp.

I think I'd rather be one of those 'weedy things' than a delicate flower. To survive and thrive after the chill, and witness the changing of the winds.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

More works in progress

Every so often I am surrounded by half finished projects, waiting for everything to come together. Now is one of those times. There are boxes and stacks and piles of things waiting to be completed. Honestly, sometimes I think that if I were to choose a superpower I would have to select the amazing ability to make things dry faster.

Anywho, I've been working on some more large canvas'. Here are two that are 'in progress'.

These measure around 12" x 24" and there will likely be four of them when all is said and done. They combine paper collage and acrylic painting on canvas.

I'm also working on LOADS of little bits for this weekend's Christmas Bazaar at the Applefest Lodge in Brighton. I'll be there this Saturday from 10 till 2 if you'd like to pop in and say 'hello'.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Easy Place Settings with Graphic 45

We've already celebrated Thanksgiving in the Great White North but the 'thankful' madness is still on the way for my friends south of the border. In fact, there's a SLEW of celebrations coming our way! Why not put on some fancy pants and gussy up your table settings?

This elegant trio was created with Graphic 45's French Country to gussy up my table for a fancy dinner party celebration. All of the pieces were simple to create and could easily be adapted using any of the collections to match your table.

I'm a big, big fan of white napkins and plates. Starting with that white canvas makes it so easy to adorn and decorate your table with whatever colour palette you want to play with.

Hop over the the Graphic 45 blog today and you'll find a tutorial for all of these pieces as well as other beautiful fall decor ideas :)

Graphic 45 papers
Antique finish cardstock (or bond paper)
May Arts 3/8 Inch Satin Reversible Ribbon w/ Stitched Edge Green/Olive
Petaloo Flowers in tea-stained green
Flameless candle

Friday, November 01, 2013

Wild Little Things

I've been working on some photos recently. They're an homage to the tale of the Cottingley Faeries. Other than a bit of adjustment to colour, contrast and that sort of thing, there is no funny business. The images were shot just as they appear. I'm still editing and shooting but I'm hoping to have some prints of the Wild Little Things available very soon.

Good Morning: Wind

It used to be that I thought wind was invigorating. To stand against it and feel it pushing back. To have mother nature arrange my hair. In my mind, it was wild and free.

When you live with old creaking trees nearby it becomes something altogether different. It's fierce and forceful. It can be like an army of invisible hooligans. They knock over chairs and toss things across the lawn. Sometimes they even knock over trees and vandalize the property.

I've always found those windy days where the clouds rush past in fast-forward a little unsettling. They rush past, blow the treetops like brooms against the sky. Sometimes they shake up the way for change and sometimes change is good... even if it makes us feel uneasy.