Monday, June 29, 2015

The Infirmary

As Pixie Hill will be playing the role of fairy sanctuary this summer, it only seems right that we have a little clinic, an infirmary to care for injured and unwell fairy folk.

The Fairy Infirmary - Nichola Battilana

My neighbour gifted me this house last fall. It was scribbled on and glitterfied and had clearly been well loved. It was also going to be tossed into a fire before she saved it and brought it to my door. It's not done done (door needs more paint, signs need to be replaced, and there's a few details missing) but it's done enough to show off and for visitors to look at during my open house.

The Fairy Infirmary - Nichola Battilana

There's loads of little beds, baskets of fruit, flowers and 'get well' cards within. There's even little medical charts pegged to some of the beds.

The Fairy Infirmary - Nichola Battilana

There's an examination rooms with medicine, bottle, vials and charts.

The Fairy Infirmary - Nichola Battilana

A privacy screen for modest little folk.

The Fairy Infirmary - Nichola Battilana

Extra sheets, cleaning supplies and bandages are in the upstairs hallway.

The Fairy Infirmary - Nichola Battilana

There are a few more things I'd really like to add, but I think any unwell pixies will recover just fine as it is right now.

P.S. Thank you, Carol!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

One Little Thing - Texture Challenge!

This week I'd like to challenge you to create one little thing with added texture.

If you're a writer, think about adding a descriptive word or two to your vocabulary. For mixed media artists, consider new ways to add different interesting texture to your work. Artists you might want to try emulate a textured surface.

Good luck!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fairy Tour 2015: Sanctuary and Museum

Just one week until our summer open house!

If you're near on July 4th, 2015 pop in for a visit.

Pixie Hill is located in Brighton, Ontario Canada.
Our address is 134 Bullis Rd.

Here's the run down....

For the duration of the summer, Pixie Hill will henceforth be a Fairy Sanctuary and Very Small Museum. You can be the first to peek and poke around the place on July 4th, 11 - 4.

Inside, visitors can peek at the showroom, see some magical arty things, and view some fairy specimens.

Outside, visitors can roam the lawn and spy the little homes and encampment that provide a safe heaven for pixie, fairies and other wee folk.

We have fairies that have traveled far and wide to take advantage of our 'catch-free zone'.

During our open house event you can:

• Participate in a visual scavenger hunt.
• Obtain a fairy name
• Make a wish
• Create something nifty
• Collect fairy mail**
• Visit the art and craft showroom
• See fairy artifacts
• Receive a very important award

**IMPORTANT: Requests for personalized fairy mail must be received by June 30th.
Email HERE

My friend and fellow artist Marc Bourdon will be joining me this year
 and offering face painting for a small fee.

The open house is free to attend, but donations are appreciated.
ALL ages are welcome and bringing children is not a requirement ;)

Cash, or credit cards are accepted for showroom purchases.
We do not take debit (though you could etransfer if in a pinch).

Can't join us on July 4th? No problem, the sanctuary will (mostly) be set up throughout the summer. If you have kids that don't like hustle and bustle, you are absolutely welcome to arrange a quiet, private visit. It's no trouble at all, but 24 hours notice is appreciated.


Note: Pixie Hill is not a park. We do not have rides or playground equipment.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Wandry Room

I've hustled, avoided all housework, and managed to get my little corner done. Are you ready? I think you're going to like it...

The Wandry Room - Nichola Battilana

"The Wandry Room" just like a boring laundry room... only for fairy wands and wings.

The Wandry Room - Nichola Battilana

Inside! I am smitten. I can't hardly believe I made it with my own stubby hands :) There's a lot going on in there. Including a bottled magic, soap, baking soda, wand and wing starch, bars of soap, buckets, and a wandry machine for getting tough wand stains.

The Wandry Room - Nichola Battilana

The Wandry Room - Nichola Battilana

There's even suds in the tiny sink.

The Wandry Room - Nichola Battilana

A wee little plug.

The Wandry Room - Nichola Battilana

Maybe the plumbing needs to be checked? There's some extra wand parts being stored under the sink.

The Wandry Room - Nichola Battilana

In case you were worried, the owner of this fine establishment is certified.

The Wandry Room - Nichola Battilana

A teeny wand repair manual c. 1978 in the tool tub on the shelf.

The Wandry Room - Nichola Battilana

To properly clean wands and wings you need bubbles. Lots and lots of bubbles.

The Wandry Room - Nichola Battilana

Sometimes magic spills a bit here and there. You can see some freshly cleaned wands drying on the left.

The Wandry Room - Nichola Battilana

There's some other care manuals tucked here and there too.

The Wandry Room - Nichola Battilana

And here are some wings and wands tagged and ready to be picked up.

The Wandry Room - Nichola Battilana

Finally a shot with my grubby hand to give you a good idea of the size. It measures 7" x 8" x 4". I used one of my Corner Box as the base. Here are some of the other products I used:

And some products that are similar that you may find useful:
Set of Mini Wooden Buckets 

Stork Scissors 

Or you can just hop HERE for the whole she-bang listed in one spot :)

The Wandry Room is currently listed in the etsy HERE.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Simple Floral Favors for Petaloo

Holy heck! I almost forgot to post this super sweet project I created for Petaloo!

Although I've been married for an age, I believe the worries of time and money probably still plague brides-to-be today. I thought this project may be too simple but quickly realized that might be exactly what someone needs, an oh so simple favour that can be done in a pinch.

Simple Petaloo Flower Favor Rings - Nichola Battilana
Ok, ok... but what are they?
Simple Petaloo Flower Favor Rings - Nichola Battilana

Pretty floral rings! Easy as can be to make. Simply affix the blooms to a ring blank and ta-da! You've got a cute as a button favour for your guests. Selecting adjustable rings will take the worry out of fitting.
Simple Petaloo Flower Favor Rings - Nichola Battilana

Give as party favours at a bridal shower, or give as a sweet token of affection to those who help make your day special.
I've used Chantilly Mixed Blooms in Sienna 1279-212 and Textured Elements Mini Blossoms in Red 1263-212 but I am certain that there is a Petaloo bloom to match any wedding colour pallet. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

A work in progress

I don't often share my works-in-progress but I'm pretty excited with how this project is coming along. The bones is this Blank Corner Diorama made exclusively for me by Gina's Designs.

Blank Corner Diorama - Nichola Battilana

It's exactly what I wanted and my-oh-my the possibilities! I've got a katrillion ideas tumbling around in my head. My first project currently looks like this...

WIP Corner diorama - Nichola Battilana

It may not look like much yet... but I'm pretty sure you'll like what I have planned ;) Seriously, it's so much fun I can barely contain myself!

Miniature brick wall texture on corner diorama - Nichola Battilana

For the outside I've created a brick exterior using a brick stencil sheet from Gina's DesignsI'm pretty dang happy with the results so far. 

If you'd like your own Blank Corner Diorama there are a handful available exclusively in my etsy shop. It's a great size to work with (7"x8"x4"), easy to assemble, and I think you're really going to like the projects I have planned using this piece as a base.  

A Mid-Summer Progress Report

First things first, SOLSTICE BLESSINGS to you!

Despite calls for drizzle it was a glorious weekend and I got burnt to a crisp working in the garden. Our garden is coming along nicely (thanks to all of the hard work by Mr. Pixie) and I'm grateful for all of the leafy green goods that are sprouting and ending up on our dinner table.

Mid-Summer at Pixie Hill

Our solstice celebrations were quiet. I made a nice meal for the hubs (it also being father's day and all) and then took some treats outside for our fairy friends. Honey, jam, bread, and sweet wine. Our contribution to the wee folk's solstice celebrations.

Mid-Summer Fairy Offering at Pixie Hill

Our "fairy sanctuary" is coming along slowly but surely. I managed to finish up a handful of sprite cottages, which are now sitting in an overgrown tangle of leaves. They'll be a perfect spot for our little fairy visitors to rest.

Sprite Cottages at Pixie Hill - Nichola Battilana

Our resident Hobbit has returned. The long grass was cleared, a small stone wall built and his tiny garden tended.

Hobbit Home at Pixie Hill - Nichola Battilana

Word of our safe heaven must be spreading. On Thursday evening I heard a ruckus outside and when I went to investigate I found this wee caravan parked beneath the bird bath. Some travelling fairies have come to stay for the summer.

Travelling Fairy Caravan at Pixie Hill - Nichola Battilana

I'll try to get better photos of the caravan camp soon. It was being guarded by a band of determined mosquitoes when I took this photo. I was very nearly eaten alive before I was chased away ;)