Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I found my brushes!

I was getting a little worried. Two weeks and no sign of my paint brushes or glue. I hit the jackpot last night however, and found a box marked "Art Supplies" hiding in our guest room. I managed to get a tiny little start on two projects before bed.

The office is starting to come together but it's taking ages and I have no idea where everything should go. Hey, at least I can see the floor (or parts of it) now.

Went to check out Big D's new school today. They are terribly nice there and it seems like a nice place to learn. One fairly cool thing is that they have a courtyard in the centre of the school. How neat is that?

One last newsworthy tidbit... D has not one, but two loose teeth! The tooth fairy should be making her way to our house pretty soon. I'm planning on capturing her and keeping her in a jar until she tells me what she does with all those damned teeth.