Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pay it forward brother...

People are different out here. Don't get me wrong, one of the things I liked about the big city we moved from was the people. For the most part people in our old home town were pretty nice... out here it's a whole different ball game.

Last week it took the Mr. three evenings to mow our lawn. We quickly realized that we'd need to get ourselves a lawn tractor. Off to town we went and bought a shiny red chopper... that wouldn't fit in the trailer. Ug! After only a minute or two a fella in a pick-up truck kindly offered his assistance. His kiddo sat in the truck and didn't complain about the wait. He made small talk and was kind as can be. When we said our thanks he said "Pay it forward brother..." and drove off.

Today we got a huge box of fresh veggies from the Thai workers who work in the vineyard. Lettuce, eggplants, onions, corn, melon, cucumbers. Just look at the beautiful veggies they gave us...

They've also been kind enough to give us some fresh eggs from the chickens they keep. Every time the Mr. tries to give them a few bucks for the goodies they refuse it.

I've had iced tea at my neighbours house, been to a pig roast hosted by near strangers and met many lovely, genuinely friendly people all over the county. It's sort of sad that all this goodwill is kinda difficult to get used to.

Ah well.

In other news...

- we saw a woodpecker eating the termites in one of our apple trees
- a ground hog was snooping around our back lawn this evening
- I've actually done a fair bit of crafting today
- made a batch of peanut butter cookies
- I checked the pork, spinach and fennel terrine I made 2 days ago and it didn't cook! What a pisser!