Wednesday, April 17, 2019

A Visit to Wonderland Part II: Wee Wonderland Accordion Book with Tutorial

A second Wonderland post?! A second post WITH a tutorial?! We ARE all mad here.

My second project today is a teeny weeny hardcover Wonderland album. 

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This sweet little album made with a Matchbox Ticket Journal - Black and a bit of card-stock, has cut out window so that the pics can be slipped out and changed.

So let's get to it!

To begin, you'll need a Matchbox Ticket Journal - Black

Remove ONE of the tickets. This makes just enough pages to fold into a book properly.

Skipping the first and last ticket, cut/punch out a window in the remaining tickets.

Apply a fine neat line of glue to the bottom edge and crease of each ticket, again skipping the two end tickets. Don't go too crazy with the glue because you want to make sure you can slip pictures into the pocket that will be created.

Fold the Matchbox Ticket Journal - Black so that you have something that looks like this.

Cut a piece of plain card that is larger than your ticket book. Mark the center point, then mark where you will need to score to create the 'spine' of your book.

Score and fold the cardstock to create the cover. Bending the card back and forth to make sure that the fold is 'loose' makes fitting everything together a bit easier.

Cut the cover paper for your book larger than your folded card. Notch each corner and fold as pictured. **Remember to glue your cover to the BACK SIDE of the cover paper.

Fold the paper over the edges and glue into place. Once again, score the spine edges and fold back and forth. Again, this makes the spine loose and helps to fit everything together.

Glue the first and last ticket to the cover you've created. Do not glue the spine. Fiddle and fart around until everything fits and folds perfectly.

Now you can slip pictures in the pocket pages you've created! Add snips and bits, creating your own little Wonderland album.

Don't forget to decorate your cover too. I've added a bit cut from the Tiny Alice Book Covers Collage Sheet, along with a Medium Bronze White Rabbit Charm.

Tip: You can chop the loop off many charms with cutting pliers. Use a metal file to smooth the cut edge. A dab with an ink pad on the filed area will camouflage the area.

And, ta dahhhh! You're done!

Ready? Here are all the bits I used:

• cardstock
• glue
• ink pad