Thursday, April 18, 2019

Tooth Fairy Exchange Altoid Tin

I decided that it was time to finally update my "Tooth Fairy Letter PDF" . There's not a thing wrong with it, it's cute as heck! But I think THIS is a fun change...

There's A LOT chocked on to that sheet. All of it to ensure a smooth lost tooth transaction. All scaled to fit inside a Altoids style tin.

There's letters and envelopes, certificates, receipts and other nice bits to celebrate the moment.

I sort of can't wait until I'm ultra old and loose all my teeth so that I can use this myself! 

**VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: I absolutely do not want to loose my old grown-up adult teeth and do not really want to use this kit for my own tooth exchange.

If you've got a little one with wiggly teeth, or are quite old and expecting a repeat visit from the Tooth Fairy, the listing for this jam packed page can be found HERE.

And if you don't have any altoid tins on hand, don't fret! You can always tuck the bits inside an envelope instead... or maybe a jar! or perhaps a shoe! Your brilliant mind will come up with something.