Saturday, November 07, 2020

Hagrid's Hut

Whhhooo baby! Grab a coffee, some cookies, and sit back.

I was invited to make a little something or other for my friends at AlphaStamps and of course I said "Yes". When asked if I might want to make a Hagrid's Hut I said "YES! YES! YES!" It was kinda like that scene from When Harry Met Sally. (I am an embarrassment. I know.)

This piece is a biggun' (as it should be to accommodate a half-giant) the base measuring about 14" x 9" x 7". I hobbled together a roof which added a few more of inches to the width and height. The big beautiful list of allll the supplies is listed at the bottom of this post.

There are 3 accompanying walk-through posts if you'd like to see the making process and tips to make your own: The ExteriorThe Roof, and The Interior.


The base of this piece is this Octagon Room Box. It's a super simple construction and has no roof, but 
I created one with corrugated cardboard and covered it in natural bark. I was going to use coconut fiber which gives a lovely thatched roof look, but I didn't have enough in my stash so I improvised.

If the thought of constructing a roof makes your woozy, I've been thinking that the box would make an excellent little theatre. How charming would a wee fairy Globe-esque theatre be!? But I digress...

The exterior of the hut has a stone look, which is created using egg cartons. In the Potter books, Hagrid's hut is made from wood, but I think most people envision a stone structure because of the flicks. Honestly though, creative license means I can make Hagrid live just about anywhere and no one can stop me!

I've left the outside rather unadorned, but there are splotches of moss and tufts of grass, and a few hidden gems around the corner. A garden gnome, pitchfork and a hose spigot (made by deconstructing an Old Fashioned Faucet).

Hiding behind the chimney, there is a webby nest of paper spiders. Perhaps some children of Aragog?

In contrast to the exterior, the inside is chocked full!

Pheasants made with clay and feathers hang by the door.

Hams dry on the other side along with Hagrid's pink umbrella. I used THIS tutorial for the umbrella. It's not in English, but the photo instructions are clear.

The Round Table & Chairs Kit fits perfectly in my little scene. I used spray paint to darken them from the original tan colour.

A square of thick woven fabric makes a perfect cozy rug.

A teapot, china, little clay pastries, cutlery and a paper napkin adorn the table. There's also a sausage... because I'm certain Hagrid enjoys a good banger. 

One of my favourite details is the Triumph motorcycle repair manual which is what Hagrid rode in the film version "The Philosophers Stone"

The Wooden Hutch to the right is packed with scads and scads of food stuffs. 

Loads of tinned goods, jams, breads...

Deconstructed parts of the Old Fashioned Faucet were added to a Mini Wooden Barrel to create a beer keg. Let's face it, Hagrid is definitely enjoying a pint or two of an evening.

The opposite side of the room has a cozy fireplace. I created this with bits of cardboard and a top layer of grouting used with the Small Brick Wall Stencil. Can you spy the framed pic of Buckbeak?

I needed something on top of the mantle and really really really wanted an antler mount. With none on hand, I hobbled this one together by cutting a plaque from cardstock and affixing two branches from the Mini 3D Bare Trees to create a set of antlers!

Did you spy the dragon egg poster on the mantle? How could I not include Norbert's egg?! His egg is tucked into a cozy nest on the other side of the room. It sits next to a bag of hippogriff feed which was made with a teabag.

And while we're talking about feed... couldn't leave Fang out, could we? A big bowl of kibble is waiting for the slobbery old beast.

Not going to lie... I thought I'd never finish this project but I'm so pleased with the way it turned out. Big thanks to all the gang at AlphaStamps for the invitation and the lush supplies.

You can browse all of the sweet, sweet AlphaStamps items used in this project HERE or an itemized list is below (hold on to your knickers, it's a long one):

Octagon Room Box
Rustic Door - 1:12
Miniature Antique Brass Door Pulls
Old Fashioned Faucet
Polymer Clay Ladybug Slices*
Spring Green Lichen Mix
Leafy Green Underbrush
Small Feathered Crows (Birds)
Tiny Bird Box
Green Turf Grass
Mini Straw or Field Grass
Wooden Hutch or Buffet
Mini Wooden Barrel
Miniature Wooden Crates
Even Tinier Chipboard Crates - Half Scale
1:12 Resin Brandy Bottle - Red
Red Jam Mini Resin Jars
Orange Marmalade Mini Resin Jars
Grape Jelly Mini Resin Jars
Ghoulish Green Mini Resin Jars
Mini Clear Resin Honey Jars
Tiny Wooden Bowls
Mini 3D Bare Trees
Set of 3 Tiny Keys on Ring
Metal Cauldron or Pot
Mini Pick Ax
Unfinished Wooden Bucket
Silicone Mold - Large French Bread Loaf
Silicone Mold - Large Round Bread Loaf
Silicone Mold - Rectangular Braided Bread Loaf
Silicone Mold - Small Round Bread Loaf
Mini Silicone Mold - Cookie or Biscuit with Filling
Tiny Picnic Basket - Half Scale
Wooden Garden Tool Box
Tiny Octagon Planter Box Set
White Dishes & Silverware Place Setting
Round Mini Clay Pot
Old Fashioned Grocery Cans
Round Table & Chairs Kit
Small Stone Wall Stencil
Mini Carrots - Set of 5
Bronze Binoculars Charm
Meat Cleaver Charm
A Summer Gnome Home Paper Set
Brown Path Pebbles
Garden Gnome Resin Embellishments

Additional items used in it the construction:
• corrugated cardboard
• thin cardboard
• acrylic paint
• glue
• acrylic latex silicone
• drywall compound
• twigs and bark
• miscellaneous bits n' pieces

Remember, if you're making your own, these walk-through posts might be helpful: The ExteriorThe Roof, and The Interior.