Saturday, November 07, 2020

The Longwinded Making of the Hagrid's Hut - The Interior

Hey! You've found the third part of my Hagrid's Hut walk-through: The Interior

The completed Hagrid's Hut can be found HERE

Because I added a number of elements to the Octagon Room Box used to make this project, I wanted to create a rundown of the basic construction. There's a lot to go through, so I've broken it up into three parts: The ExteriorThe Roof, and The Interior.

When making this project I alternated working on the inside/outside as glue/paint dried. So don't feel like you have to complete one area before moving on. 

Finally, I won't be going into fine details here, but I think these steps will be helpful if you want to create a similar project.

Now, on to the interior...

The first thing I've done inside is to plot a horizontal like where my wall will be divided between wallpaper and plaster. I've also marked where the door will be placed.

Using those mark areas as a guide I'm applying a quick coat of plaster. You definitely do not have to do this, but I want to create a sort of plaster and beam Tudor effect.

A fireplace is essential in the hut, and I'm making a simple one from layers of cardboard.

It takes up almost and entire wall, but it's going to be a great focal point! You'll want to mark the size/shape of your fireplace on the wall, and be sure to include the size of the opening.

Paint the area behind the fireplace black.

Using the Small Stone Wall Stencil and some acrylic latex silicone... voila! A stone texture, easy peasy. You could use this same stencil on the exterior, but I prefer the size of the large egg carton slabs.

Once dry, I painted my hearth white. I also created a top mantelpiece, and a slab for the fireplace to sit upon (not pictured). Put these aside for now while we work on that room!

Wallpaper is added to the lower portion of the wall (from A Summer Gnome Home Paper Set) minding the placement of the fireplace. The flooring has also been added. The light coat of plaster has been given a coat of white paint.

Using strips of lightweight cardboard, I've made rails and baseboard trim. They're painted green to match the door which had also been installed. One important note: I made a mistake installing my trim and ran it straight across the entire wall. Be sure to NOT cover the area of the fireplace. You want that black area to be an empty pit of darkness, not cute green baseboards.

The floor looks lighter here because I've sanded the surface of the paper used for the flooring (a wood themed sheet from A Summer Gnome Home Paper Set). I will stain it slightly darker and I needed to rough up the surface in order to do that.

Again, simply using strips of light cardboard, I've created a sort of wooden 'Tudor beam' effect.

I've 'refinished' the floors with a few light washes and installed the fire place.

You can now age the room if you like, adding dirt and grime. Be sure to add some soot to your fireplace. Honestly I think I should have added far more grime here, but Hagrid might appreciate that I cleaned the place up a bit.

Once the roof is on, you'll want to break up that big space.

One way to do that is by adding more beams. And just like the grime, you can go a bit nuts here and making patterns and designs with your beams. 

Seriously, check out this beautiful historical sample!

The final step is to clean up your edges, and with all those bits in place, the REAL fun begins! Plan and plot the layout of the furnishings and accessories. I'm sure you'll absolutely no problem filling it up :)


You can browse all of the sweet, sweet AlphaStamps items used in this project HERE 

The additional items used in it the construction:
• corrugated cardboard
• thin cardboard
• acrylic paint
• glue
• acrylic latex silicone
• drywall compound
• twigs and bark
• miscellaneous bits n' pieces