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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

On Cuban Time

I rarely do scrapbook layouts. It's not my forte. But after our vacation to Cuba, I was compelled to do something with those photographs.

There was a saying we heard over and over from locals: "on Cuban time". Things happen a little slower there, at their own pace, but they'll get done eventually. Normally I'd be well meaning and craft with these pics eventually, but it was a bit of serendipity that this month's AlphaStamps kit is Letters from the Sea and I was prompted to get to them a little more swiftly.

All that age, those shells and scrolls, and I was taken right back!

I added loads of extra bits like the Mini Wrought Iron Flourishes and Wrought Iron Shadowbox Header which totally reminded me of the swirly decorative elements we saw on the buildings in the city of Ciego de Ávila

I also added our baggage claim tickets... because God forbid I throw out any little bit of paper that might possibly be sentimental.

The layout basically started as a few ATC's that got out of hand. Everything just sort of got added in layers from there.

Note: I've said it loads of times, but it bears repeating, these super thick ATC blanks are amazing. They will take an absolute beating and not warp in the least.

Those seaside chippy bits were chopped from an Under the Sea Chipboard Border.

Some sploshes of Cuban colour, layers, notes and memories, and, despite the fact that I am not a scrapbooker, I have a nice reminder of our trip.

All the bits used in this layout can be found HERE.

Seeds of Love Scrapbook Paper
Seaside & Me Scrapbook Paper - Floral & Pale Shells
Vintage Telegrams Scrapbook Paper
Mini Wrought Iron Flourishes Set
Under the Sea Chipboard Border
Wrought Iron Shadowbox Header
Chunky ATC Blanks

Need an alternative to real shells? Try Beach Beauties Seashell Buttons Mix or or Silicone Mold - 7 Seashells

Thank you Cuba for the amazing pina colada's, the stunning beaches and rum... oh god, all the rum!

P.S. If you're a sucker for punishment and like looking at other peoples vacation photos, hop over HERE to gander at our adventure

Friday, July 01, 2016

Under the Sea Matchbox Shrine

Some people have sea water in their blood. They love the sea like I love the moon. While those waters may not run quite so deeply for me, I appreciate the beauty of the barnacled. For Alpha Stamps this month I've made a matchbox shrine full of texture and unwater colours.

The base of this piece is a Tiny Matchbox Theatre. I do love theatres (and an underwater one would be amazing!) but instead chose to make mine into a sort of underwater pocket shrine.

Now about that texture! I've glued pieces of a 6x6 Gears Texture Sheet to the surface of the box and splashed and sploshed paint and gesso and whatever else was on hand. I also layered some Seashell Sequin Mix which give a sort of wonderful fish scale texture. The sentiment on the front is from Voyage Beneath the Sea - Steampunk Splash Scrapbook Paper which I've simply tinted to match the colour of my box. A Brass Patina Seahorse Charm* and Conch Shell Charms* then a dash of crusty glitter (because why not) and the front is complete.

Inside I've used an image from the Mermaid Garden #3 Collage Sheet. He was a sort of surprise... I wasn't thinking of this sort of interior at all... but he fit so well and seemed quite at home in his sparkly cove of Coral Chipboard.