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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Miniature Weasley Burrow Clock

I have a thing for clocks. There are clocks scattered all over the Pixie house. I even have a cuckcoo clock hanging above my work table in my studio. Not a single timepiece in this home tells the correct time.

So, I was excited to learn that 'clocks' were the theme at AlphaStamps this month and as soon as I learned that grandfather clocks were on the menu I knew I needed a Weasley Burrow Clock.

I chose not to paper the clock, but rather cover it in wood filler and gesso. I applied each, layer by layer, allowing it to dry and sanding before the next application. Two healthy layers of each, and a little touch ups to cover the chipboard joints, seemed to do the trick.

The piece is covered with acrylic paint, metal embellishments added, and then washes of earth tones give it some age and grime.

Inside I've placed a Glass Tube Pendant and filled it with magical time glitter. (I said it, so it's a thing, right?)

I've only used three spoons as the hands on the face. (It really should be 9 golden hands if you want absolute authenticity.) Any more seems to get a bit thick where they overlap. If you wanted to add more, I would suggest cutting the handles and placing them 'just-so' to circumvent the issue of over thickness.

For the clock face and Weasley family pictures, I just did a quick google search.
There is a drawer that fits into that bottom area of the clock. After applying so many layers of filler and gesso it becomes a bit of a tight fit. I like the idea of the Weasley's tucking things into every available space so I've used this area for storage. Paper scrolls, Half Scale Wine Bottles that look just like little potion vials, Pumpkin Pods and a Mini Black Cauldron are all crammed into that little space.

And although he's a rotter, I've painted a Tiny Metal Mouse to look like 'Scabbers'. After all, I'm pretty sure he would have kept a close eye on where the family was at all times.

I realize that there are variations of the clock (Mrs. Weasley is said to carry it around the house with her) but I have always thought of it as a grandfather clock as it is in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Even if it ain't 100% accurate, I'm pretty darned pleased with my little burrow clock.

And bit by bit:
Tiny Metal Mouse
Glass Tube Pendant
Brass Flower Charms*
Bronze Branch Connectors
Half Scale Green Wine Bottle
Half Scale Red Wine Bottle
Mini Black Cauldron
Pumpkin Pods
Silver-Plated Teacup, Teapot, Spoon
Tiny Dot Dresden Borders - Black*
Victorian Drop or Handle - Raw Brass

Saturday, August 06, 2016

A Little Burrow

July's kit for Alpha Stamps was the Vintage Beach Cabanas. And although I'm not a beachy sort, I did manage to make those Cabanas work for me. I made a little burrow.

This isn't exactly the Weasley abode (it's far too tidy and not nearly wonky enough) but it is inspired by the home of my favourite magical family.

Now, I don't have a full tute, but I will give you a few pointers if you'd like to make something similar. 

I simply took the Cabana Row House Set and stacked the wee buildings together, chopping out any bits that were in the way, to make everything fit neatly.

The roofing tiles, although applied in rows, are totally wonky. I think it's kind of charming though... neatness isn't everything after all. You'll also notice here a little Thin Fleur Dresden Borders around the edge and peaks of the roof which I think add a nice touch. And there are people peeking through the windows from the Seaside Victorian Children Collage Sheet

If you look on the bottom left here you'll see some Wooden Spreaders. They don't actually hold anything in place (yay hot glue!) but they make sense visually. You can absolutely cheat when it comes to miniature construction. Build the impossible! BUT adding little details like fake supports and whatnot adds a smidge of 'reality' to your nonsense.

That bent chimney is a bendy straw painted black. If you happen to be out and about and see a box of those things on the cheap, buy them. They are super handy for making chimneys and pipes in miniature work. The rooftop chimneys include Black Umbrella Bead Cap which I think adds a nice little detail. 

Don't forget the back and sides of your piece. They are easy places to overlook but, if possible, worth fleshing out. It's always a pleasant surprise to see that an artist or maker has take the care to consider every viewpoint.

This little project was a lot of fun, so much so that I'm thinking I might make a second proper Weasley Burrow to be it's neighbour!.

Here are all the bits used in this project in one place.

Or the individual parts:
Cabana Row House Set
1-1/2 Inch Wooden Spreaders
1-7/8 Inch Wooden Spreaders
Seaside Victorian Children Collage Sheet
French Riviera 8x8 Paper Pad
Seaside Doors & Windows Set
Thin Fleur Dresden Borders - Black
Tim Holtz Long Mini Brads
Black Umbrella Bead Cap
Tiny Black Hinge Set
Flower Soft - Vintage Christmas
Box Feet
Bendy Straw
Acrylic paint
Wood Stir Sticks (door)