Monday, November 14, 2011

Pretty little paper flowers

I'm this close to finishing the Storyteller's House. There's a lot of outside stuff that needs to fiddled with, one of those things was making little flowers for the exterior flowerboxes.

Totally inspired by this flower tutorial... I've made a tutorial for lazy crafters with chunky fingers :)

Cut a bunch of round-ish shapes out from tissue paper (I got a whole stack for .99 from the Asian market). These were a bit smaller than a dime. Don't be too picky... nature is perfect in her imperfection.

Stick a bead at the end of a pin. This is really helpful because otherwise the tissue will tear.

Push the pin through a couple of 'petals' and push them up till they meet the bead.

Using your thumb and finger, pinch and roll.

Repeat. Add petals. Pinch. Roll. A bit of crumpling is good too.

Very soon you will have something like this...

Push a crimping bead tight against the bottom of your flower to hold it all in place.

Ta da! A pretty bed of roses/peonies in no time at all!

Use fewer red oblong petals for a poppy...

Cut/fray the edges of your finished flower, then crumple it up a little to make carnation/mum sort of blooms.

I wasn't bothered about the pin head showing, but if you could always paint it to match the bead if you like, or even just give it a dab with a Sharpie (thanks craftylittlemonkey).
Happy making!