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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mothering ATC's in pink and golden floral glory

"Who wants to make some ATC's?"

ME! ME! ME! (I'm a keener)

And maybe I'd like to make some sort of Mother's Day thing-a-ma-doodle? You know, for people who like to plan ahead and not do everything last minute. I have no idea who these 'think ahead' people are, but sure!

That's how I ended up making this pretty batch of Artist Trading Cards for my friends at AlphaStamps.

Mothering ATC's - Nichola Battilana

There's 9 of the pretty things all together which means you could make your favourite motherer a pocket letter. Be sure to include a gift certificate, a sweet note, photograph, mementos or charms in there if going this route.

Mothering ATC Pocket Letter - Nichola Battilana

I've made some of these little darlings as ATC sized cards. Perhaps you'd prefer to distribute a little love to all the great motherers you know.

Mothering ATC's - Nichola Battilana

The cards were a cinch to whip up, but here are a few of the steps you may find useful

• Using papers from this month's kit I cut out the appropriate ATC size 2.5" x 3.5" OR 5" x 3.5" for folded ATC cards, then rounded all of the corners.

• I applied some acrylic gel medium using a doily as a stencil and sprinkled some gold embossing powder sparingly on top and set it with a heat gun. I really liked the way these worked together!

• I applied fussy cut images from Mother Knows Best Collage Sheet (which I printed in black and white)

• All of the winged things are from this Butterflies & Moths Collage Sheet. I printed one sheet full size and a second sheet at 50% to give me an even wider variety of sizes.

• When gluing the butterflies into place, I only glue the centre body part. This way the wings can be folded back, giving a 3D effect.
Mothering ATC's - Nichola Battilana

Easy peasy and all the bits came together nicely. Soooo, if you feel like making something pink, floral and feminine, (or are one of those amazing people who want to get a jump start on a mothers day project!) here's your supply round-up:

Baroque Dresden Borders - Gold
Mother Knows Best Collage Sheet
Butterflies & Moths Collage Sheet
House of Roses Old Letters Scrapbook Paper
House of Roses on the Porch Scrapbook Paper
Prima Tales of You & Me Notre Jardin Secret Scrapbook Paper
Prima Tales of You & Me Jardin de Fleurs Scrapbook Paper
Gold Embossing Powder
Acrylic Gel Medium

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Shabby Pink Kerchief Hearts for Tresors de Luxe

Valentines day is fast approaching but there's still time to make a little something for your sweetie (or anyone else who needs a little love).

Shabby Kerchief Hearts #letresorsdeluxe - Nichola Battilana

These sweet hearts are created from an old kerchief but any scrap of fabric will do. These won't be handled often so I've simply quick stitched around the edges, giving a rustic, shabby look. There's something terribly sweet about handstitching, it weaves good thoughts into the piece your working on.

Shabby Kerchief Hearts #letresorsdeluxe - Nichola Battilana

You can enhance your hearts as much or as little decoration as you like. I really like the combination of the primitive stitching with opulent Tresors De Luxe embellishments.

Shabby Kerchief Hearts #letresorsdeluxe - Nichola Battilana

How about a heart dripping with pearly beads and sequins WHITE LACE APPLIQUE and IVORY CHIFFON FLOWERS?

Or maybe something a little more sentimental with a vintage picture tucked in with some artificial flower embellishments...

Shabby Kerchief Hearts #letresorsdeluxe - Nichola Battilana

In the end, what matters most, is your personal touch and letting someone know they are dear to you.

Rustic Shabby Chic White Artificial Flower Embellishment FL-025
Rustic Light Blue Shabby Chic Flower Embellishment with Wooden Beads FL-097
Cotton kerchief