Friday, August 28, 2015

I'm going to my happy place

So, I sort of lost my mind the other week when I walked past a piece of torn wallpaper.

I'd walked past it a million times before but for some reason this time was the last straw. I started stripping wallpaper, washing walls, plastering, climbing ladders. All this led to painting trim, sewing curtains... basically trying to catch up on things that have been left undone for years. (Still not done BTW)

Why all the fuss?

In a few weeks I have an influx of family visiting. We'll have a very full house including a cousin from the UK, an uncle I haven't seen since I was a kidlet (the brother of the father I have no contact with), perhaps my father in-law, and all of this takes place the same weekend I'm hosting a workshop for 6 awesome kidddos. If I'm ever going to have a nervous breakdown it will be that weekend.

I decided it was probably a good idea to go to my happy place for a while. It so happens that my happy place is a pretty productive atmosphere with happy moons and mossy cottages.

Moon Shrine - Nichola Battilana
Currently listed HERE

Handmade paper clay moon, cottages, mushrooms and ladybugs.

Moon Shrine - Nichola Battilana
Currently listed HERE

A sentiment from a vintage children's book. And THOSE FEET! They're called Demon Box Feet* but I think they're far more like helpful gargoyles.

Moon Shrine - Nichola Battilana
Currently listed HERE

And another... 

Moon Shrine - Nichola Battilana
Currently listed HERE

I love this moons smooshy face :)

Moon Shrine - Nichola Battilana
Currently listed HERE

And some small ones for good measure.

Moon Shrine - Nichola Battilana
Currently listed HERE

Moon Shrine - Nichola Battilana
Currently listed HERE

I feel much better after my romp with glue and glitter and glad to have such a happy, happy place to retreat to.

Moon Shrine - Nichola Battilana
Currently listed HERE

Hope you're all well and good. I miss you.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wallpaper, tea cups and wagons

It has been sweltering here. The hottest days of summer. The heat must have affected my brain because I thought this would be an ideal time to paint. Painting doesn't just mean painting... it's stripping wallpaper, cleaning wallpaper paste from the walls, repairing plaster, sanding, cleaning dust, moving furniture... then there's the painty bit at the end. 

The results? I won't bore you with them because they're just clean white walls... a VAST improvement over the peeling and ripped wallpaper I've been living with, but a little dull.

Instead I'll show you some of the pretty bits I've been working on for a custom order.

Tea cup gardens - Nichola Battilana

A slew of tea cup towns/fairy gardens. HERE is the link to the little flowers available from Alpha Stamps.

Paper Wagon - Nichola Battilana

And here is one of several wee paper wagons I've also been working on. The paper is from Graphic 45, the leaves are Prima and the amazing wheels are from Gina's (the link goes to the straight cut spokes).

Hope you're keeping well. I'll be back and properly into the swing of things quick as can be. xoxo

Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Fun Fairy Door for Gina's Designs

A wee fairy door project to share today for Gina's Designs. Isn't it cute as buttons?!

Fairy Door for - Nichola Battilana

To create this adorable fairy entrance I've used Gina's Fairy Door 'Deann', Faux Metal Number Plates and Keys & Plates Shape Set.

Fairy Door for - Nichola Battilana

In this example I've used the stone door frame piece that comes with the Fairy Door as a stencil and applied a layer of spackling to give the texture of a stone doorway.

To create the illusion that the door is made of wooden planks, I've scored the chipboard with a stylus before painting. If you don't have a stylus, you could press very hard with a ball point pen to create the grooves. A light wash of dark paint allowed to seep into the impressed lines will emphasize the effect.

Fairy Door for - Nichola Battilana

The 'hinges' are created by cutting a large keyhole in half, applying to the door and trimming.

Fairy doors are pretty dang adorable and an excellent way to include a bit of magic in your household. Be sure to get creative with them by adding a little plant, a welcome mat and other accessories... great curb appeal will be sure to entice the wee folk into your home ;)

Acrylic paint
Small metal brads

Friday, August 14, 2015

Artist Trading Block Clearance

Just a quick note today. I've added a bunch of Artist Trading Blocks to the Clearance section of the etsy shop. Here's a peek at what's available...

Listing for this item is HERE

Listing for this item is HERE

Listing for this item is HERE

Listing for this item is HERE

Listing for this item is HERE

Listing for this item is HERE

Listing for this item is HERE

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Poison Tin for Alpha Stamps

After months of airy fairy crafting it was a delightfully creepy surprise to get some spooky goodies from Alpha Stamps. And so, I'd like to present, a perfectly peculiar poison tin. 

 Poison Tin - Nichola Battilana

I've used supplies from the Magic Potions Kit and a few other bits and bobs. (The supply list can be found at the end of this post.) You'll notice that the front of the wee tin is lovely and ornate. I've achieved this look by layering Brass Feathery Scroll Filigree*,  some Flower Washers, and a few bezels... none of which were the same colour!

Poison Tin - Nichola Battilana

(Isn't that eye brilliant?! It's a 12mm Glass Cat Eye.)

Want to create a similar effect? Here's the process I used...

• Gather some flourished elements and start layering them, building a composition. Don't worry if their colour doesn't match... we'll help them to get along.

• Glue all of your pieces to the surface of the tin and allow to set. 

• Paint with a base coat of black paint. **Hint: multiple thin layers, given time to dry between coats, will work much better than a single thick layer of paint and preserves the details of the pieces.**

• Apply some silver acrylic paint. You may want to gently sponge off any excess.

• Apply a wash of dark paint to tone down the silver, allow it to pool in the crevices giving an aged look.

• With your finger, rub a little fresh silver paint to the highest areas.

The finished effect should allow you to combine different coloured elements to create piece that looks cohesive.

Let's take a look inside now...

Poison Tin - Nichola Battilana

Teeny tiny poison bottles! 

I do have a sneaky trick to share to save you some aggravation with those shelves. Instead installing the shelf then fiddling around to fill it in that small space, consider gluing the little bottles to the shelf first. Once dried, use the back surface of the bottles to glue into place rather than the small edge of the shelf. If using this method, be sure to consider the depth and height of the space you are filling.

Poison Tin - Nichola Battilana

And if you're itching for a supply list...

Magic Potions Kit
Brass Feathery Scroll Filigree*
Flower Washers
12mm Glass Cat Eye
Round Antique Bronze Filigree*
40x30mm Halloween Poison Cameo* 
Sheet Moss* 
E-6000 Adhesive*
Acrylic Paint

And a quick link to all the products used.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer Fun Altered Canvas with Petaloo

I have loads of fresh photographs from our misadventure camping trip last week and I'm celebrating our "Summer Fun" with Petaloo by creating this altered canvas. 


I'm not really a scrapper, but I wanted to celebrate the memeories from our misadventures in camping so this altered canvas was an ideal option.


I know that summer fun often means bright, vibrant colours, but in this instance I'm using the DIY-Mini Mix in Teastained Cream just as they are to compliment the understated colours in the photograph. They add just the right amount of texture, and they pair so well with the natural burlap trim.


Neutral scrapbook papers
Gel medium
Acrylic paint
Feathery Flourishes Set

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Fortune Teller

I finished up this piece I've been tinkering with for ages.

OOAK Gypsy Fortune Teller Booth - Nichola Battilana

The piece measures just a smidge under 13", which is a bit larger than I usually work in. The Gypsy fortune teller inside is free sculpted from polymer clay.

OOAK Gypsy Fortune Teller Booth - Nichola Battilana

She has a wee crystal ball and some tiny tarot cards too.

OOAK Gypsy Fortune Teller Booth - Nichola Battilana

This gal is listed HERE. She's likely to be the only Fortune Teller Booth I'll be doing for a while, and definitely one of a kind.

Partial Supply list:
16mm Clear Glass Marble
Silver Cup Box Feet* 
Gypsy Coin Mix* 
Silicone Mold - Architectural Flourishes* 
Baroque Dresden Borders - Black