Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wee Sewists Shrine

A wee sewist's shrine for today.

I've used an Altoids tin for the body of the shrine, and the lid is being used as the base. I've used an old chess piece as the stand, but an old spool would work well too.

Speaking of spools... I've put a couple of vintage spools at the base as well as a few little buttons.

Inside, that's a 3 Inch Miniature Dress Form. I've applied a coat of gesso and then painted it white. To get it to fit inside the tin properly I've trimmed the base of the form. To cut it to size, I heated a blade and sliced through the plastic.

The tiny side table is made by gluing a Flat Round Wooden Bead atop a wooden finial. On top there are a Small Brass Scissors Charm, Tiny Thread Spools and a snip from the Mini Button Cards Half Sheet.

Want to make your own wee sewists shrine? You can find all of the AlphaStamps bits I put to use HERE.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Floral Phone Holder for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts

This month I decided to make something a little less elaborate, but it's one of my favourite products from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts: the Tablet/Ipad/Phone Holder

I have three of these Phone holders around my house and I use them every day.

I know, I know... "but I could just prop my phone against something." That's what I thought too, but I really do love my little holders, use them daily and find them so useful.

Plus, it's a fun little project to work on. A little project to express your own style that takes up just a short time, a very few supplies, and is practical! Woo hoo, right?!?!

I've made a quick video walkthrough with a few tips like adding embellishment to the far edges rather than the centre. You can find it HERE 

You can get as elaborate or restrained as you like. Create something to suit your own style and tastes... but here are all the supplies I used to create this version of the Tablet/Ipad/Phone Holder.

Tablet/Ipad/Phone Holder
Lace Frame
Graphic 45 Floral Shoppe - PINK LILIES
Graphic 45 Floral Shoppe - Chipboard Tags
Thin Looped Dresden Borders - Pink
1 Inch Curly Paper Roses - Variegated Yellow Pink
Butterfly Charm
Acrylic paint

Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Potions Room

As per usual I was making things, then got distracted, then made something else.

Miniature Potions Room - Nichola Battilana

And this potions room happened in all the making.

Miniature Potions Room - Nichola Battilana

Ok, not so much a room as a wee magical corner... but BAM! It happened.

Miniature Potions Room - Nichola Battilana

There are a boatload of magical ingredients mentioned in Potter potions on those shelves.

Miniature Potions Room - Nichola Battilana

There's a nice wobby stack of bottles (looking very much like the stacks of containers in my tupperware cupboard.)

Miniature Potions Room - Nichola Battilana

Tucked atop there are important scrolls, magic books, a pillar candle, toadstools and a crystal ball.

Miniature Potions Room - Nichola Battilana

The bottom door do open, but I've left them empty. I thought it would be fun, in case someone wants to hide a surprise inside.

Miniature Potions Room - Nichola Battilana

But if you'd like to create your own magical corner, here are a bunch of the supplies I used to create this piece:

Corner Room Box
Mini Oak Hutch A whole whack of stuff from HERE
Old Fashioned Grocery Cans
Little Potions Collage Sheet
Fairy Godmothers Cupboard Collage Sheet
Handmade and Set of Miniature Books (to make your own check out my Miniature Openable Book Tutorial)
Tiny Wooden Bowls

This isn't a complete list of all the doodads used in this piece. Some elements are old or odd bits. Have a poke around AlphaStamps miniatures selection, there's loads there. Have a wander through your local $ store and see if there are wee things you can plunder. For the rest, hobble and cobble bits together to fit the picture in your head.

Miniature Potions Room - Nichola Battilana

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Punch and Judy Theatre

Today I have a wee Punch and Judy theatre made with goodies from AlphaStamps

Punch and Judy Theatre - Nichola Battilana Alpha Stamps

I made a Punch and Judy theatre eons ago (there's a tute for that one too) but this one is larger and much less fiddly... and slightly less violent.

Punch and Judy Theatre - Nichola Battilana Alpha Stamps

If you aren't familiar with Punch and Judy it's a sort of violent puppet show which can be dated back to just before the 1700's, reaching a height of popularity during the Victorian era. More recently, they have a bit of a shout out in Gone Girl.
Punch and Judy Theatre - Nichola Battilana Alpha Stamps

To look at these two you'd think butter wouldn't melt in their mouths... you'd be so wrong!

Punch and Judy Theatre - Nichola Battilana Alpha Stamps

To make this piece I began with the Punch & Judy Theatre kit. Then covered it in Red & Ivory Narrow Stripes Scrapbook Paper. I've actually added two headers here. One attached to the rear from the Punch & Judy Theater Collage Sheet. A second one on the front of the the theatre from the The Grand Guignol Collage Sheet.  I think it gives a good feeling of frantic fun, perfectly suited to Punch and Judy.

Punch and Judy Theatre - Nichola Battilana Alpha Stamps

The wee Union Jack flags are a public domain image I scaled down and attached to toothpicks. So fancy, Nichola!

Punch and Judy Theatre - Nichola Battilana Alpha Stamps

The wee figures inside are removable.
Punch and Judy Theatre - Nichola Battilana Alpha Stamps

Once again I get super duper fancy with my techniques  by simply folding the "stick-end" of the image from the The Grand Guignol Collage Sheet. Easy peasy!

Punch and Judy Theatre - Nichola Battilana Alpha Stamps

I finished off the piece with some red dresden trims because everything is better with dresden. (I would trim myself in dresden if at all possible.)

And that is it! Fairly easy and you can make this project with all the bits found HERE. Or here are the supplies bit by bit:

Punch & Judy Theatre
Arch Top Theatre Facade
Half-Round Dresden Borders - Red
Punch & Judy Theater Collage Sheet
Red & Ivory Narrow Stripes Scrapbook Paper
The Grand Guignol Collage Sheet
Thin Looped Dresden Borders - Red

Additional supplies:
Union Jack image
Black acrylic paint

Friday, May 11, 2018

Happy Toadstool Friends

I've been cleaning my studio and trying to complete items that haven't received all of my love or attention. I made these mushroom guys ages ago but wasn't completely happy with them. They'd wobble and their tops refused to stay put.
Happy Mushroom/Toadstool - Nichola Battilana

During my cleaning I rediscovered them and FINALLY got them sorted out. Their tops are now firmly in place and they are far happier paired in a tiny mossy plot than they were plonked on a surface.

Happy Mushroom/Toadstool - Nichola Battilana

They're made of polymer clay and sit on a mound of real and artificial moss.

Happy Mushroom/Toadstool - Nichola Battilana

I do think they're much happier together.

Happy Mushroom/Toadstool - Nichola Battilana
Just look at how content they look nestled next to one another!

Happy Mushroom/Toadstool - Nichola Battilana

Except this dude. This guy wants to smell the summer air and feel the sunshine in solitude thank-you-very-much.

All the toadstool guys are available in my etsy shop HERE

Saturday, May 05, 2018

Romantic foldy thing-a-ma-bob and box

I'm exhausted so the best I could do for a name today is "Romantic foldy thing-a-ma-bob and box". It might not be terribly eloquent but it's apt. Managing apt is pretty damn good after the past few ultra hectic days!

But it is romantic. I mean, just look at this cute little cherub butt spreading love!

And the little thing within IS foldy.

I stand by my name choice.

I've kept things really simple here. The whole box is covered in Nature Garden - Meeting a Fairy Scrapbook Paper. I've given the top of the box quite a bit of dimension, using foam squares to prop up the nude little dude, and those flowers just sort of pop right out. (Those Small White Mulberry Blossoms are really cute!)

The ATC Scalloped Trinket Box is an adorable size for precious small things, but I'm keeping this shabby ATC Ticket Journal inside
I really put the ATC Ticket Journal to the test with loads of wet washes, smooshing and experimenting. It held up pretty well after all I put it through! And all of those fussy cut bits look sweet as can be together.

You can see the smudged and flicked and distressed paint here.

I just glued a bit of scrapbook paper into place and just went to town experimenting and playing with fussy cut elements and a bit-o-paint.

I like how cheery all those mixed up elements work together.

Want to make your own? See something you need to get your hands on? HERE is where you can find all the bits. And below is a list of all the elements I used.

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Fairy Spying Spoon Wands with Tutuorial

I am in a bit of a tizzy today. I should have spent the day prepping and cleaning for this weekend's open house. (If you're near on Saturday, stop by, gimme a high five.) But instead I was lured away from the laundry and dusting by the fair folk. It's May Day, I should not be surprised.

Spoon Wands for Fairy Spying - Nichola Battilana

So instead of the cleaning and the sorting and the organizing, I made fairy spying spoon wands. 

If you're not familiar with spoon wands, I totally swiped the idea from a child. His mum told me about how he was used a wooden spoon as a wand and I've been making my own ever since. 

Kids have the best ideas, and I do believe spoon wands are brilliant. I mean, something to stir and fold and mix and direct? That's exactly what I want a magical tool to do.

Spoon Wands for Fairy Spying - Nichola Battilana

Today happens to be one of the very best days of the year to spy faeries, so I made some faerie spying wands... but there are soooo many possibilities here! 

Spoon Wands for Fairy Spying - Nichola Battilana

Consider the magical properties of the colours you use. Add charms and bits of magic and whimsy. Incorporate knot magic! Embellish with runes and symbols to enhance your magical workings!

Or, you know, just make something cool as heck.

Jump over to my YouTube channel for all my tutorials and walkthroughs.