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Monday, July 29, 2019

Potages Cauldron Shop

I'm embracing my inner Potterhead once again. This time I've created a miniature version of "Potages" the cauldron shop located on the North Side, Diagon Alley, in the Harry Potter universe.

I've used a 7 by 7 Corner Room Box as the base for my little shop. I've also added a
Double Window Ornate on both the inside and exterior of the 'building'.

The signage are printouts pasted to thick board with small brad heads added to the corners.

Simple trims, which are just various sized strips of card cut from a cereal box, are a super easy way to create a finished custom look.

Wooden floor was created with coffee stir sticks, stained with washes of acrylic paint. And how perfect is that wallpaper with it's pattern of tiny spiders?! That's "It's Elementary" from Graphic 45s Master Detective Collection. Scrapbook paper makes excellent room box wallpaper.

To fill my shop, all sorts of little cauldrons. I even designed some products for proper cauldron upkeep like wax, cleaner and polish. To be honest, those little packages put me almost a whole day behind... totally worth it :P You can download the collage sheet to create these at the bottom of this post.

Want to create your own Potages? Or maybe a shop from your own imagination?! I have a video walk-through for creating the basics of this room that might help you in making your own masterpiece. You can find it HERE

Finally, here are supplies used in my wee cauldron shoppe:
(Pssst... if you're in the UK you can order from
Metal Cauldron or Pot

"It's Elementary" Graphic 45, Master Detective Collection

cereal box card
thick card
wooden stir sticks
acrylic paint
drywall compound
small metal brads
transparency paper
glue, glue, glue
Cauldron Shop Printable (ta dahhhh, see below)

Have fun!

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Venus' Grotto

This little grotto has been sitting in limbo since just before Christmas! I received the Half Scale Arch Front Room Box from AlphaStamps, promptly covered it in Tim Holtz Wallflower and vintage papers, added Pink Paper Roses and Asparagus Fern Garland... and then it sat.

Venus' Grotto - Nichola Battilana for

I was waiting for the perfect little thing to place inside my grotto. I tried my little figure of
St. Expeditus but he wasn't quite happy in there. I bought a beautiful little Madonna statue, Our Lady of the Cape to be specific, but her crown wouldn't let her fit inside.

Venus' Grotto - Nichola Battilana for

But it this little grotto wasn't meant for a saint after all... it was meant for a little Venus de Milo!

Venus' Grotto - Nichola Battilana for

And the little space seems a fitting shrine for the goddess of love and beauty. A smidgen of space to dedicate to prettiness. The original Venus de Milo (or Aphrodite of Milos as is her proper name!) was actually discovered burried in a niche, so I'd like to think she's happy to be tucked in her little arched shrine box.
Venus' Grotto - Nichola Battilana for

Want a slice of beauty to sit on your own shelf? Here's the supplies I used to create this piece:

Half Scale Arch Front Room Box
White Resin Column Set
2.5 Inch Venus Statue
Silicone Mold - Architectural Flourishes*
Creative Paperclay*
Asparagus Fern Garland*
Fern Garland*
1/2 Inch Pale Pink Paper Roses*
Flower Soft - Sweet Pea
Rectangular White Shelf Brackets - Set of 2
Tim Holtz Wallflower 12" pad

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Petite Pink Villa for Alpha Stamps

This month's Alpha Stamps kit theme is Amour (Valentine Paper Theatres). I got totally sidetracked with their new itty bitty furniture and instead of a theatre created a petite pink villa, a sort of miniature romantic getaway.

A Frame Front Room Box is used as the base of this piece. Holes have been cut into the sides and back and laser cut window frames added. The addition of a Shadowbox Facade to the top of the box adds some nice visual interest.

For the exterior I first covered the piece in paper, then, using the Stone Wall Chipboard Texture Sheet I applied random patches of acrylic gel medium. I painted the entire piece, then added wash of darker paint allowed to pool in the crevices giving a good impression stonework without covering the entire piece.

Inside, a sweet little scenario of shared tea, crumbs and honey.

The table and chairs, and china cabinet are made of chipboard, 1:24 scale, and assemble quite easily. I've kept them simple with a coat of paint and a snip of paper, but I'm certain with a bit of ingenuity they would provide a solid base if you wanted to be a bit more elaborate. Tiny cushions on those seats would be absolutely darling. 

You'll find a long list of all the bits included in this piece below... but can we talk about that Green Pumpkin Teapot for a second?! There are a number of those little veggie/fruit teapots at Alpha Stamps and I think they are freaking adorable.

Grab a tiny book from the bookcase and let's head up the wee ladder.

This little loft is cute as buttons. It's so cute my camera is jealous and refusing to show just how sweet it is. (What a jerk.) ANYWAY... there's a little bed for getting cosy, maybe reading a book, maybe do a bit of romantical snuggling *wink wink*, or just for having sweet dreams. And let's not forget that Gold Candleholder to read by (which is really, really nice quality btw).

The pink bunting, flowers, curtains and ribbons may be a bit dramatic... but if you're going on a romantic getaway isn't that exactly what you want? What I wouldn't give for a weekend in a private pink villa, sipping tea, eating sweets, reading, and snuggling by candlelight. *dreamy sigh*

See something you like? Here's a link to all of the goodies I've used.

Alternatively, here is a big fat list of the individual supplies used:

Amour (Valentine Paper Theatres)
Frame Front Room Box 
Theatre Francais Shadowbox Facade
Acorn Caps*
Mini Silicone Bread Mold Set - Smaller Loaves
Mini Silicone Bread Mold Set - Larger Loaves
Mini Silicone Cake Mold Set
Creative Paperclay*
Silicone Mold - Architectural Flourishes*
Thin Looped Dresden Borders - Black
Mini Floral Dresden Borders - Antique Gold
1/2 Inch Bright Pink Paper Roses*
Sheet Moss*
Set of Unlabelled Jars, Bottles & Tins
Gold Candleholders
Old Fashioned Grocery Cans
Mini Red Shadowbox
Miniature Potted Plant in Basket
Small Wooden Spools
Wood Mini Spools
Green Pumpkin Teapot
Miniature Silverware - Set of 20
White Plastic Salad Plates
Little Household Goods Collage Sheet
Old Fashioned Grocery Rectangular Tins
Plastic white teacups
Round Table & 2 Chairs
1:24 Cupboard Hutch/China Cabinet
1:24 Chipboard Bed
1:24 Book Case
Chipboard Windows