Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to... make a thimble garden

And finally, here's how the mushrooms and houses come together to make thimble gardens like the ones above. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wands, of the Goblin variety


I've been giving an awful lot of thought to goblins lately. I'm sure the ones who live by the stream are up to something. Last week they broke a patch of ice poor Padfoot was standing on, giving the pooch a bit of a fright and four very wet paws.

Not to be confused with Hobgoblins (which are actually rather nice, often misunderstood creatures, who could be compared to a house brownie in temperament and behaviour) the goblins who live down by the stream are quite mean-spirited. They push and trip anyone who 'invades' their space. They cloak themselves with invisibility and create all sorts of mischief. In the summer, they keep swarms of bugs and mosquitoes, making it very unpleasant to explore their domain.

I wonder if some ale would appease them? Hmmm, I don't know how I feel about having drunken goblins on my doorstep demanding another round.

Friday, February 24, 2012

And the winner is....

The lovely Mrs E! Congrats!

Last day to enter!

Just a little reminder that the Thimble Garden Giveaway is closing today. Check out the original post for details. There's still time to enter.

I'll announce the winner this evening.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

A hunting we will go...

Tonight, D and I went on a faerie hunt. We weren't trying to capture the wee things, just out to spy clues that they may be around. We set off just before twilight and headed to the field behind our property.

The first thing we found was a lovely white feather in our path. D was sure it was a sign that the faerie folk were welcoming us.

There is a group of strange little trees that sits in that field. They are absolutely brilliant. Old and covered in moss with giant thorns. We decided this would be a good place to leave our offering.

The thorns on those old souls really are amazing.You can just see our house on the right of the photo between the branches.

Now, I don't have photographic proof of it but we did have a VERY strange experience back in that small grove of trees. When we were ready to move on we called to our pooch, Padfoot, to join us. He ran towards us and then seemed to get stuck, caught on something and then ran in circles. I moved forward to 'free' him but could see that he wasn't caught at all. I moved forward again and this time he seemed to focus on something in the trees and stood up! Every time we would call him, his attention was drawn away, and he would stand up on his hind legs again and again!

After that spot of excitement D found this little spot which he is quite certain is a faerie home.

We examined loads of little holes that might have led to exciting faerie places.

We found a thin little trail, only a few inches wide, but determined that this must be a deer path and probably didn't have anything to do with the wee folk.

The thing about twilight is that it turns to dark very quickly. Very soon it was time to head back inside for baths, tea and trying to get Dad to believe that the faeries had their way with poor Padfoot tonight.

Nighty night!

How to... Make Mossy Cottages

 As promised, here's a video demonstrating how to make the little mossy cottages above.

Be sure to make bunches, make loads of mushrooms, grab yourself some thimbles and come back next week to see how it all goes together.

If you are very lazy and don't want to make a little cottage just check out yesterday's post and you can try to win one instead :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Do You Believe? A Thimble Garden Giveaway

Last week I said I'd do a giveaway and now seems like a fine time. I was thinking that perhaps we could follow up D's list of questions with one more...

If you believe in faeries shout it out! You can enter up to three times. Post a reply below, tweet @pixiehillstudio, and hop over to my facebook page and leave a comment. On Friday a winner will be randomly picked and sent the little thimble pictured above.

Be sure I can contact you if you win. Winner will have 3 days to send contact info. If the winner fails to answer a second entry will be chosen in it's place. Please, enter only once per entry type.

Good Luck!

Edited to add: Yes! This is open world wide for true faerie believers :)