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Monday, May 19, 2014

Leon's Window

Here's my completed mini in honor of Luc Besson's amazing film, Leon aka The Professional. It's dear Leon's apartment, with his best friend, the plant, hanging out on the ledge.

"It's my best friend. Always happy. No questions."

I've based the piece on the last apartment Leon and Mathilda live in. Here's a screen capture with a mighty handsome Jean Reno as Leon. That voice! Those eyes! The whiskers! **swoon!**

The piece measures 5" tall, a bit bigger than the tins. It was built upon a Graphic 45 Small Matchbook Box which are amazingly sturdy things. The brickwork is created with egg cartons, the sill is matchsticks and coffee stir sticks.

The box does slide open (carefully!) for access to the interior...

... and a better view of the Madonna, bullet marked walls and Farmland milk cartons.

I think one of my favourite things about the little box is the pull shade and actual window. The pull is a tiny White Pearl Stamen, the leaves from the potted plant are taken from this Yellow Flower Garland.

While making the tiny cartons I was looking for dummy text to fill it out. I started putting in quotes from the movie and ended up making this too...

A mini milk carton measuring around 6.25" tall. Cross my heart, I think that is possibly the coolest thing I have ever made. And that dear friends is your freebie!

It's covered in quotes and facts about the film. The nutrition facts is a list of the cast and crew. I'm not convinced that one or two of them are 100% accurate so there might be an edit or two over the next week but...

... you can download the PDF file here for your very own Leon milk carton.

I've made two Leon windows. The one posted here will be listed in my etsy shop tomorrow. The other is mine forever!!!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Good bye 2014!

Well, it's been a weird year.

I've had some successes (yay!). I've never been more unwell in my life (boo!). And, time has flown by (as it always does).

Speaking of time...

I'll be introducing a couple of new bloggy items in 2015, including a weekly 'One Little Thing' challenge. Every Sunday I'll post a creative prompt, and challenge you to create one little thing. Totally low pressure and absolutely good for you. The idea is to spend at least a few minutes every week thinking creatively. If you can only manage a quick doodle or a brainstorming list, that's okay! Creativity breeds itself and even a few moments of scribbling while stirring a pot of stew can be seeds of greatness :) For anyone who wishes they could spend more time creatively, this is a great starting point.

Finally, here are a few of my favourite projects from this past year.

I've created loads of work this past year, but these are the projects closest to my heart :)

Here's hoping that 2015 will be bright, shining and filled with magic... for everyone.

Much love,

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Just call me Chatty Cathy

Miss Tigerlily Cribbs asked me if I might answer some questions for She is a cutie-patootie, and lovely as can be, so I was happy to comply.

Some snippets:

What are your ultimate tips for aspiring artists trying to make it?
Be kind. Support and promote fellow artists that you admire.
Create every single day. Be prolific.
Remember, you’re allowed to say “no”.
Respect and value your own work.
Engage and appreciate your audience.

If you were a fairy, what would your fairy persona be?
I would absolutely be a house brownie. I’d steal sweets from the pantry but I’d also check on sleeping children and shoo mice away.

What do you think the art industry needs more of today?
Humility & sparkles.

What piece of your work would you most like to shack up in?
Probably “Leon’s Window”, because I have a huge crush on Jean Reno and we’d live there together of course (though I could do without the gunfire).  Or “Godefroy’s Bookshop” – because books!

What are your top 3 essential crafting products that you would recommend?
I represent some truly amazing craft companies and I love their products, but don’t ever think that you need anything more than a sharp cutting tool, quality glue and a bit of creativity to get started. Those are the essentials. You absolutely do not need fancy products!

The full interview can be found HERE.