Friday, January 15, 2021

Baphomet can be cute, right?

Yeah, not everyone is cool with Baphomet but I think most anything shrunk to mini size is kinda adorable. 

Back in October (which feels like 3 years ago) I posted a project that included a couple of miniature Baphomet novena candles, The Diviner's Table. Follow that link and you'll find a tutorial for those red pillar candles and mini incense btw.

I've received a slew of requests for the Baphomet candles and finally got my act together and have some listed in my etsy shop over HERE.

God, two posts in fairly quick succession, what is going on? Is my mutha-flippin' mojo back?! Sweet baby Jesus, I hope so.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Gloating and details. Morgan Wallen and Frank Ocean 1:12 scale miniature LPs

First and foremost HAPPY FLIPPING NEW YEAR! I've been totally slacking in my blogging and making but I have a good excuse... I haven't felt like it. I'm a stinker. What can I say.

Happily, something has kicked me in the pants and I've been back at it.

For a long while now I've been trying to make great mini vinyl LPs. I didn't want a paper copy printout of an LP, I wanted a cool little actual record looking thing. Finally, after a gazillion attempts (not even exaggerating) I think I've cracked it. Just look at these gorgeous little things!

I won't share my process just yet. It's taken me a good long while to figure this out for myself. I'll just sit on it for a bit and savour the craftgasm of my victory.

Super pleased with the LPs, really happy with the record sleeves, and the covers too. I'm just sickeningly pleased with myself to be honest.

The fact that the first wee albums I've created are double LPs is kinda a weird coincidence. I was psyched about it first because I thought "Great! I've got the template set up. It'll be a breeze!" Alas, when looking at the original big people versions the records slip inside in different ways. This one, Morgan Wallen "Dangerous", opens and the albums slip in beside the center fold.

The second wee album I made, Frank Ocean's "Blonde", the LPs slip in the ends of the cover.

I know. Who cares?! What difference does it make?

There are times when "it'll do" is enough. Other times paying keen attention to detail, putting in extra effort is part of the fun and gives an extra sense of satisfaction.

This flipping album drove me nuts. It was a rabbit hole I was not prepared for. There are like a million different versions of this thing! Coloured vinyl. White cover. This. That. The other. Why does this thing cost $2000!?! What do you mean it was only available for sale for 24 hours? Why the hell are bootleg copies $300+? 

If you ask me the process, the learning, the effort, all that stuff makes for a successful project even more than the actual result at times. But the best is when all those things mesh perfectly to enhance the result. 

Sure, most people wouldn't give a hoot about which way an LP slid into it's cover. BUT the people who love those albums would know. It's those details that tug at memories and heartstrings.

The image below shows the marketing pic for the original album on top, and my 1:12 scale reproduction below. Yes the toning is a little bit off but I'm so fucking pleased with myself. I AM GLOATING!!!!!

But what now? I've prepped about 100 little LPs for something.

I like the idea of creating a top 100 albums list in miniature. I got a look when I mentioned it, but I think it would be a fun challenge.

I also like the idea of creating small collections. Offering sets of three super cool albums in all sorts of categories: old country, ska, punk, new romantics, grunge, blues, blue grass, jazz.

Then I thought that maybe I'd create them as people made requests. 

I'm not sure. What do you think? Would you make a whole record shop? Or just a few mini-albums to carry with you always?

I hope you've been well, lovelies. I have missed you. I've missed making.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

IMPORTANT: Notes from the North Pole

If you've followed me for any length of time, you'll know that I've got some solid connections at Christmas headquarters. I don't mean to brag, but Santa and I are pretty tight. (TOTALLY bragging!)

Here's the thing, it's been a difficult year for everyone and even the North Pole is feeling the squeeze. They're taking every precaution to ensure the safety of all the elves, reindeer, and Mr and Mrs C.

These measures include social distancing and limiting travel. And so, the Claus gang have asked me to enlist your help to distribute Good List Notifications and other Notes from the North Pole.

Normally I'd charge a nominal fee as an intermediary, but to keep the elves and Santa as safe as possible I'm offering the file as a free download for personal, non-commercial use. You can download the FREE PDF DOWNLOAD HERE

You'll need two pieces of letter sized paper to print the file. The two page pdf includes:

• an official "nice list notification"
• a North Pole envelope template
• little postage stamps
• three notes of encouragement from the North Pole Review Department + 2 blank notes
• three sweet memo's from Santa
• a short thank-you note from Santa for Christmas eve refreshments

Feel free to add some glitter, smudges or special touches. 

Christmas Headquarters, the North Pole Order of Elves, Mr. & Mrs. Claus and myself, all thank you for your participation. Your efforts to encourage safety, AND spread light and cheer, are appreciated.

Stay safe my friends xo

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Christmas Tree Thimbles

I could have sworn I already posted a tutorial for these cute little Christmas Tree Thimbles but I think it might have slipped off my list last year.

So, while I should have been doing other work and the million and four things on my to-do list, I churned out a short tutorial that you can find HERE.

I really like these cute little things. They're super simple and a very quick make. They're also the most adorable stocking stuffers or token gifts for those people you want to give a bit of holiday cheer to.

Supplies needed:
Mini bottle brush trees
Green paint (optional)
Florist foam
Fake snow/Buffalo sno
Micro beads or Seed beads
Star sequins or embellishments
Various glues

Happy making!


Friday, November 13, 2020

The Return of Cheeky Snowballs!

I cannot believe it's been 2 years since I made a batch of cheeky snowballs! I had a couple of people ask about offering them this year. And so, I plonked my butt on the floor and made a big glittery batch of the cheeky things. 

I'm offering two different sizes this year. Small dudes are 1.75" and the bigger fellows are 2.5"

As usual, they're lightweight and made with paperclay, paint and glitter.

You can find the wee things in my etsy shop HERE

AND if you'd rather make your own pop over to my tutorial HERE

Hope you're all well and healthy. Stay safe sweet friends!

Saturday, November 07, 2020

Hagrid's Hut

Whhhooo baby! Grab a coffee, some cookies, and sit back.

I was invited to make a little something or other for my friends at AlphaStamps and of course I said "Yes". When asked if I might want to make a Hagrid's Hut I said "YES! YES! YES!" It was kinda like that scene from When Harry Met Sally. (I am an embarrassment. I know.)

This piece is a biggun' (as it should be to accommodate a half-giant) the base measuring about 14" x 9" x 7". I hobbled together a roof which added a few more of inches to the width and height. The big beautiful list of allll the supplies is listed at the bottom of this post.

There are 3 accompanying walk-through posts if you'd like to see the making process and tips to make your own: The ExteriorThe Roof, and The Interior.


The base of this piece is this Octagon Room Box. It's a super simple construction and has no roof, but 
I created one with corrugated cardboard and covered it in natural bark. I was going to use coconut fiber which gives a lovely thatched roof look, but I didn't have enough in my stash so I improvised.

If the thought of constructing a roof makes your woozy, I've been thinking that the box would make an excellent little theatre. How charming would a wee fairy Globe-esque theatre be!? But I digress...

The exterior of the hut has a stone look, which is created using egg cartons. In the Potter books, Hagrid's hut is made from wood, but I think most people envision a stone structure because of the flicks. Honestly though, creative license means I can make Hagrid live just about anywhere and no one can stop me!

I've left the outside rather unadorned, but there are splotches of moss and tufts of grass, and a few hidden gems around the corner. A garden gnome, pitchfork and a hose spigot (made by deconstructing an Old Fashioned Faucet).

Hiding behind the chimney, there is a webby nest of paper spiders. Perhaps some children of Aragog?

In contrast to the exterior, the inside is chocked full!

Pheasants made with clay and feathers hang by the door.

Hams dry on the other side along with Hagrid's pink umbrella. I used THIS tutorial for the umbrella. It's not in English, but the photo instructions are clear.

The Round Table & Chairs Kit fits perfectly in my little scene. I used spray paint to darken them from the original tan colour.

A square of thick woven fabric makes a perfect cozy rug.

A teapot, china, little clay pastries, cutlery and a paper napkin adorn the table. There's also a sausage... because I'm certain Hagrid enjoys a good banger. 

One of my favourite details is the Triumph motorcycle repair manual which is what Hagrid rode in the film version "The Philosophers Stone"

The Wooden Hutch to the right is packed with scads and scads of food stuffs. 

Loads of tinned goods, jams, breads...

Deconstructed parts of the Old Fashioned Faucet were added to a Mini Wooden Barrel to create a beer keg. Let's face it, Hagrid is definitely enjoying a pint or two of an evening.

The opposite side of the room has a cozy fireplace. I created this with bits of cardboard and a top layer of grouting used with the Small Brick Wall Stencil. Can you spy the framed pic of Buckbeak?

I needed something on top of the mantle and really really really wanted an antler mount. With none on hand, I hobbled this one together by cutting a plaque from cardstock and affixing two branches from the Mini 3D Bare Trees to create a set of antlers!

Did you spy the dragon egg poster on the mantle? How could I not include Norbert's egg?! His egg is tucked into a cozy nest on the other side of the room. It sits next to a bag of hippogriff feed which was made with a teabag.

And while we're talking about feed... couldn't leave Fang out, could we? A big bowl of kibble is waiting for the slobbery old beast.

Not going to lie... I thought I'd never finish this project but I'm so pleased with the way it turned out. Big thanks to all the gang at AlphaStamps for the invitation and the lush supplies.

You can browse all of the sweet, sweet AlphaStamps items used in this project HERE or an itemized list is below (hold on to your knickers, it's a long one):

Octagon Room Box
Rustic Door - 1:12
Miniature Antique Brass Door Pulls
Old Fashioned Faucet
Polymer Clay Ladybug Slices*
Spring Green Lichen Mix
Leafy Green Underbrush
Small Feathered Crows (Birds)
Tiny Bird Box
Green Turf Grass
Mini Straw or Field Grass
Wooden Hutch or Buffet
Mini Wooden Barrel
Miniature Wooden Crates
Even Tinier Chipboard Crates - Half Scale
1:12 Resin Brandy Bottle - Red
Red Jam Mini Resin Jars
Orange Marmalade Mini Resin Jars
Grape Jelly Mini Resin Jars
Ghoulish Green Mini Resin Jars
Mini Clear Resin Honey Jars
Tiny Wooden Bowls
Mini 3D Bare Trees
Set of 3 Tiny Keys on Ring
Metal Cauldron or Pot
Mini Pick Ax
Unfinished Wooden Bucket
Silicone Mold - Large French Bread Loaf
Silicone Mold - Large Round Bread Loaf
Silicone Mold - Rectangular Braided Bread Loaf
Silicone Mold - Small Round Bread Loaf
Mini Silicone Mold - Cookie or Biscuit with Filling
Tiny Picnic Basket - Half Scale
Wooden Garden Tool Box
Tiny Octagon Planter Box Set
White Dishes & Silverware Place Setting
Round Mini Clay Pot
Old Fashioned Grocery Cans
Round Table & Chairs Kit
Small Stone Wall Stencil
Mini Carrots - Set of 5
Bronze Binoculars Charm
Meat Cleaver Charm
A Summer Gnome Home Paper Set
Brown Path Pebbles
Garden Gnome Resin Embellishments

Additional items used in it the construction:
• corrugated cardboard
• thin cardboard
• acrylic paint
• glue
• acrylic latex silicone
• drywall compound
• twigs and bark
• miscellaneous bits n' pieces

Remember, if you're making your own, these walk-through posts might be helpful: The ExteriorThe Roof, and The Interior.

The Longwinded Making of the Hagrid's Hut - The Interior

Hey! You've found the third part of my Hagrid's Hut walk-through: The Interior

The completed Hagrid's Hut can be found HERE

Because I added a number of elements to the Octagon Room Box used to make this project, I wanted to create a rundown of the basic construction. There's a lot to go through, so I've broken it up into three parts: The ExteriorThe Roof, and The Interior.

When making this project I alternated working on the inside/outside as glue/paint dried. So don't feel like you have to complete one area before moving on. 

Finally, I won't be going into fine details here, but I think these steps will be helpful if you want to create a similar project.

Now, on to the interior...

The first thing I've done inside is to plot a horizontal like where my wall will be divided between wallpaper and plaster. I've also marked where the door will be placed.

Using those mark areas as a guide I'm applying a quick coat of plaster. You definitely do not have to do this, but I want to create a sort of plaster and beam Tudor effect.

A fireplace is essential in the hut, and I'm making a simple one from layers of cardboard.

It takes up almost and entire wall, but it's going to be a great focal point! You'll want to mark the size/shape of your fireplace on the wall, and be sure to include the size of the opening.

Paint the area behind the fireplace black.

Using the Small Stone Wall Stencil and some acrylic latex silicone... voila! A stone texture, easy peasy. You could use this same stencil on the exterior, but I prefer the size of the large egg carton slabs.

Once dry, I painted my hearth white. I also created a top mantelpiece, and a slab for the fireplace to sit upon (not pictured). Put these aside for now while we work on that room!

Wallpaper is added to the lower portion of the wall (from A Summer Gnome Home Paper Set) minding the placement of the fireplace. The flooring has also been added. The light coat of plaster has been given a coat of white paint.

Using strips of lightweight cardboard, I've made rails and baseboard trim. They're painted green to match the door which had also been installed. One important note: I made a mistake installing my trim and ran it straight across the entire wall. Be sure to NOT cover the area of the fireplace. You want that black area to be an empty pit of darkness, not cute green baseboards.

The floor looks lighter here because I've sanded the surface of the paper used for the flooring (a wood themed sheet from A Summer Gnome Home Paper Set). I will stain it slightly darker and I needed to rough up the surface in order to do that.

Again, simply using strips of light cardboard, I've created a sort of wooden 'Tudor beam' effect.

I've 'refinished' the floors with a few light washes and installed the fire place.

You can now age the room if you like, adding dirt and grime. Be sure to add some soot to your fireplace. Honestly I think I should have added far more grime here, but Hagrid might appreciate that I cleaned the place up a bit.

Once the roof is on, you'll want to break up that big space.

One way to do that is by adding more beams. And just like the grime, you can go a bit nuts here and making patterns and designs with your beams. 

Seriously, check out this beautiful historical sample!

The final step is to clean up your edges, and with all those bits in place, the REAL fun begins! Plan and plot the layout of the furnishings and accessories. I'm sure you'll absolutely no problem filling it up :)


You can browse all of the sweet, sweet AlphaStamps items used in this project HERE 

The additional items used in it the construction:
• corrugated cardboard
• thin cardboard
• acrylic paint
• glue
• acrylic latex silicone
• drywall compound
• twigs and bark
• miscellaneous bits n' pieces