Saturday, August 31, 2013

Late Summer Garden

First, I just wanted to say 'thanks' for all of the lovely and supportive things that people have said over the past few days. Rest assured that I am fine and dandy :) You're all the bees knees and I love and adore each and every one of you. xoxo

NOW... on to the garden.

Today it is quite wet outside. The air is thick with it. The mozzies are having a grand time buzzing about, flying in my face and attempting to nip me before I squash them. I'm not a big fan of mosquitoes but I do like cool, damp, end-of-summer days. They make the world seem clean again.

There are very few flowers out at the moment but our vegetable garden has exploded. I'm not entirely sure how some of the plants are remaining upright there are so many goodies hanging from them. Just look at all of the peppers on this little plant!

Our tomatoes are doing nicely too. We grow several types, some of them heirloom varieties, some of them just because they are fun. Each of them is so delicious that I do wonder if the tomatoes they sell at the grocery store are really tomatoes at all.

Besides tomatoes and peppers we also have eggplants, squash, melons, cabbage, carrots, chard, beets, cucumbers, brussel sprouts, beans, onions... LOTS of things! Anything that can be canned, frozen or otherwise kept will see us through the winter.

This year we are seeing fruit on our young fruit trees for the first time!

Our pears and plums are looking mighty fine. I hope the deer and other critters steer clear of them and that there'll be enough for a bit of baking. 

And I'll leave with this one last photo from today's walk through the garden...

I said there were few flowers blooming at the mo' but our small patch of lavender is showing off some sweet blossoms. The buzzy things are having a tremendous love affair them ;)

Here's to gardens and bees and sweet scented things.

Friday, August 30, 2013

To Be Perfectly Clear

I often wonder what goes on inside an adult mind for them to spout streams of negativity towards posts that are only meant to make the viewer feel good.

Then one of those comments appeared on my page.

I was showing off a beautiful 'thank you' card with a handwritten note from one of my littlest visitors. Some 'grown-up' decided to over look the sentiment, good will and fine manners with which it was sent, and made an incredibly rude and insensitive remark.

When I suggested that a little bit of etiquette was in order I was told I was over reacting.



Not even a bit.

Not one little smidge.

Now, I've had a rough week. I'm feeling down and a little grumpy BUT even if my heart was filled with buttercups and candyfloss this would have set me off. This is not over reacting. This is being fed up to >>HERE<< with the complete lack of tact and common kindness some people display.

How on earth does someone find fault with a child being taught grace and manners? In what sort of mind is it okay to belittle a child expressing gratitude in their own words and pictures?

Can you fathom someone coming into your house and insulting the child of one of your guests? In my house that person would be removed immediately. Same goes for my page. 

Please consider the following when posting...

• If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

• Think before you speak.

• Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

• What would Jesus (or other divine being of choice) do?

I want you, my 'guest', to feel like you are in a positive environment and this sort of behaviour shouldn't be a concern. I cross my heart that I will do my best to keep the place clear of this sort of beast, and I will always 'over react' when thoughtlessness is directed at little people. 

Just to be perfectly clear... This particular brand of insensitivity and overall rudeness may fly elsewhere but not with me and not on my page. You want to have a laugh at a child's expense or make rude flippant remarks? Go crawl into some dark corner of the web and laugh it up with the other cretins, giggle and rant with your friends, scream it into your pillow... just keep it off of my page. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fire and Spoons and Homecomings

Seasoned potters will look at this gathering of bits and bobs and cringe... but I am rather proud of this lot. Unsightly as it may be ;)

I've been playing with clay and trying my hand at pit firing. Pit firing is a primitive method of firing clay/pottery. I've still got a long way to go but it's been fun and I'm really looking forward learning more and creating better pieces. I don't expect to be making any vases, cups or teacups (pottery is incredibly hard and a true skill!) but if I can manage a few rustic bits inspired by faerie folk I'll be pleased as punch.

Pixie Hill has some of the nicest neighbours. A couple of weeks ago one of them dropped off a handful of wooden spoons for me to play with. Here's the results...

Spoon wands of course! For those who are new to my blog... One day, quite a few years ago now, a lady wrote to me asking my witchy opinion of her child using a spoon as a wand. I told her children have the very best ideas and I thought it was brilliant. To stir magic with a lowly spoon, clockwise to bring good tidings, counter-clockwise for removing the unwanted... it makes perfect sense.

So I've been making spoon wands ever since. Wands for making wishes, banishing monsters and bringing lovely dreams. Each one made with a purpose in mind. Here's a better look at one which is  particularly good for gardeners, earth lovers and working magic barefoot in secret gardens.

Lastly... I'm excited to retrieve the Pixie Hill faerie houses from "The Gates" this evening. I've missed them, and the place just doesn't seem right without them here. We'll be celebrating their homecoming by extending the studio hours this weekend.

'Welcome Home' Extended Hours
Friday 1pm - 5pm
Saturday and Sunday 11am to 4 pm

If you'd like faerie mail waiting for you, please email [email protected] by THURSDAY at NOON with details.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Faerie Cubby

I love all of the magnificent cubby boxes I've been seeing lately. When I spied these little boxes on the cheap I picked up a few and set to work. I've filled mine with mosses and shells gathered from the beach, buttons and other nice things.

Here's a list of supplies from Alpha Stamps that are included in this box... just in case you want to create your own :)

AND there's a loverly giveaway on the Alpha Stamps blog where you could win a nice fat prize pack so hop on over!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Spreading the Mess

A few weeks ago I noticed a slew of messages that went something like "I wish I knew how to do x properly." The thing is, generally speaking, the right way is whatever it takes to achieve the results you're looking for.

Toss out those notions of 'proper' and 'right'.

Now, it took me a very long time to embrace this in my own work, but once I learned to 'play' again my work improved by leaps and bounds. Learning to explore and experiment, taking chances and valuing the process of making (without fear of failure) truly frees the creative spirit.

I want to encourage this sense of creative freedom in others so I've cooked up a plan. It's  filled with messy fingers, celebrations of beauty and challenges to help anyone who wants move beyond the notion of 'doing things properly'.

I'm starting off simple with some Mess Making Journals. The first viddy show my process preparing the pages that will be used as the base of the book. Easy, messy, with very pretty results.

Take a gander, join in the fun, and let the mess spread :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Lightening Strikes at Pixie Hill

Do you have a favourite tree?

The old black locust situated 20 feet from the kitchen door was my favourite. It was the tree I whispered my secrets too while I was hanging laundry. It proudly held the tire swing that would let the kidlet soar. Our resident troll lived beneath it, in a hole beside it's roots.

While tucking the kiddo into bed last week a storm was lighting the sky outside. The was a very sudden and very loud bang. Like nothing I had ever heard before. It was quite frightening. Mr Pixie ran down stairs to see what had happened but nothing seemed amiss.

The next morning I noticed that the oven was on the fritz. The control panel was displaying strange messages (give me a good old fashioned knob any day... that sounds rude but you know what I mean). Later, the Mr noticed some bark on the ground and a giant crack in the tree.

The arbourist came straight away and pointed out a small spot wayyyyy up high. Our tree, my keeper of secrets, had been struck by lightening. It had to come down immediately.

And so at 9am the next day 120 feet of tree came down. I didn't know one could get so emotionally attached to a tree, but judging from my feelings, you can. It was a hard day.

The 'carnage' was incredible and overwhelming and sad. My tree, my keeper of secrets, strewn across the lawn. BUT...

... the house was safe. That the gods that tree took the strike and not this old timbre frame house! Thank the gods that tree was strong enough to stand and not fall into the kitchen!

... we have an abundance of wood to create some large fairy houses, to make stump seats for bonfires and make an abundance of wands.

... lightening struck wood is considered quite magically potent and being that the Black Locust is a protective wood, our tree will continue to protect as we use its wood.

And although most of that tree is gone, there is still a bit left to whisper secrets to while I hang my laundry beneath its branches.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Honoring Lakshmi

Bohemian Bazaar... *le sigh*

I really love this paper. To me it's like a candy display. It's sweet and juicy. It's like freshly ground spices and the stuff of life. Beautiful and vibrant. It's an Arabian Nights fairytale or Hindu celebration.

With that in mind I've created this ATC Honoring the goddess Laskshmi.


Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, fortune, and the embodiment of beauty. Her face is calm and kind. Golden coins flow from her hand, bestowing good fortune.

A video tutorial is available for making this card and I've created a set of back tags you can download here. Here is the complete supply list...

Bohemian Bazaar -Bohemian Bazaar
Bohemian Bazaar - Opulent Sunset
* Bohemian Bazaar Tags & Pockets used as template *
ATC blank
Gold Dresden trim
Rubber Cement
Gold glitter
Hindu goddess image (the one used is from a painting by Raja Ravi Varma)

You can check out additional photos of this project, along with a slew of other cute cards, on the Graphic 45 blog.

Friday, August 09, 2013

More little shrines

I've been working like mad to finish up ten of these little shrines made from the ATC Hutch Shrine Kit available at Alpha Stamps. I love the size of these. They are so precious!
Here's a better look at some of them...

Woodland Faerie Shrine etsy listing

Star Shine Faerie Shrine etsy listing

Little Garden Faerie Shrine etsy listing


Mossy Faerie Cottage Shrine etsy listing

And for size reference here's they are with a pencil and quarter.

Psst... if you hurry, I'm offering free shipping on the shrines for just a few days.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A small space

What happens when you mix awesome products from Alpha Stamps with amazing papers from Graphic 45? Magic! That little box above measure just 2.75" x 4.3". There's a whole lot of love in that little space. Here's a better look...

And in case you missed it...

How small is that handmade mousetrap?

 What was used to create this tiny space?

PLUS buttons, glue, handmade books, handmade mousetrap, pins and a vintage stamp.

Oberon's Love Dust - A Powdery Love Potion

It's been AGES since I posted anything witchcrafty and magical. Those who are new to this blog might not even realize that I am a rather witchy woman. I have the herb cupboard to prove it ;)

A while ago I said that I was going to post my recipe for my favourite love powder but I am TERRIBLE at posting things I say I'm going to post. It's as though I curse myself by saying "Next week I will..." because it never happens.

Well, mark today on your calendars because I'm actually following up! Witchy friends, spell casters and non-muggle types, here is my recipe "Oberon's Love Powder".

This magical powder is inspired by A Mid-Summer Nights Dream and is one of my very favourite 'potions'. Now, love spells can be quite sticky morally speaking as they generally try to influence the feelings of another, but this one is a little different. This one promotes romantic feelings that already exist. A little lovey dovey booster, if you will.

• first violets of spring
• dried lavender flowers
• dried rose petals
• talc
• essential oils of lavender and bergamot

Place talc into a mortar and add a few drops (equal amounts of each) of lavender and bergamot. Your goal is for the talc to be slightly dampened, NOT wet and mushy. Grind and mix using the pestle. (Note: I'm a big believer in 'intent' when spell casting and generally do not use incantations. If you feel the need to speak words over your work, but all means speak away)

When well combined add the dried flowers and grind again. Do not make this powder when grumpy. Thinking happy daydreamy thoughts is helpful.

Allow the scents to meld for at least 3 days. Sprinkle sparingly. Especially effective when sprinkled over a mattress.

Happy smooching ;)

Monday, August 05, 2013

Butterfly Faerie Journals

I'm on a roll with the little mixed media journals. I just love doing them. They help my scattered brain focus. I'm kinda partial to this latest batch. Little Butterfly Faerie Journals!

The covers are made from reclaimed fabrics and lace and backed with vintage tea-stained cotton. The inside pages are from a discarded 1880's hymnal. Most of the butterflies are printed on hymal papers too. Inside there are old French and Austrailian stamps and tucked between the pages you'll find ribbons, and tiny scraps and slips of beautiful handmade and hand-printed specialty papers.

I think they're pretty special.

And these are little journals are quite little measuring around 2" x 3".

Some of the journals will be listed in the esty shop today, along with several other items. Hop over and take a gander!

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Another Birdy Book

Recently, I participated in the One Little Bird Swap over on The goal was to create something small, 4" square max, with a bird theme. I made my fab partner this chunky bird book (click on the images for larger pics).

I used one of my kids old chunky books as a base, covered it in old book pages and embellished with gorgeous papers and images from Alpha Stamps.

In return, my partner "alwaysinmyroom" made me the most gorgeous teeny weeny purse. I think it's the sweetest thing I've ever seen!