Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Wishing you all the very best for a very merry Hallows Eve :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

To boo or not to boo

Mucho simplified information: On October 31st the wall that separates our world from the spirit (or other) world evaporates. On this night the spirits, beings and faeries from the other realm can cross over into our world. The tradition of dressing in costume is an attempt to fool ill-intentioned spirits into thinking the wearer is not human and avoiding possible harm. Depending on the culture, the giving of treats is either an offering given to ensure good fortune over the coming harsh months, or an offering to appease/honor the spirits of those on the other side. Now, on with the story...

Disclaimer: this is picture was not taken on Halloween nor is it a costume... this was D's room cleaning outfit c.2007

Last week my kidlet came home and said that they weren't allowed to wear costumes to school for Halloween this year. Instead, they could wear black and orange. The hell?

I told D that if he wanted to, he most certainly could wear his costume. If he got any grief for it he could simply say that he was changing things up and that the zombie butcher look would be his new daily attire. 'Nuff said.

My curiosity about this whole thing has grown over the past week. I've tried to think of the reasoning behind a costume-less Halloween. After much thought I figured it would be one of these five reasons...

1. The little kids are frightened by the spooky older kids
2. It's distracting and doesn't allow for a focused learning environment
3. Some of the costumes in the past have been inappropriate.
4. Someone complained about the sinfulness of dressing like a lollipop.
5. They don't approve of fun.

Last night the class newsletter came home. Again with the 'orange and black'.

I don't know if I got up on the wrong side of the bed, just a bit cranky today, or whatever, but I decided to call the school to get the real answer. Wait for it.... Wait for it.....

'They' decided not to.

Wha? Who's 'they'?

The kids.

Apparently the student council voted for the black and orange so their costumes wouldn't get ruined before the evening trick or treating. I don't know if I buy that. Perhaps with a lot of parent/teacher cajoling and bags full of candy some kids might agree to this sort of lame watered down Halloween but I'm having trouble accepting it. I know my kid pretty well. I bet you $5 that my kid would NEVER vote to wear black and orange over a Halloween costume. Ever.The fact that D didn't mention any of this after being asked a bazillion times about the no-go on the costume front is also fishy.

EDITED TO ADD: I just got a message saying it was the PARENT COUNCIL not the student council who made this decision. The decision was made so that children who do not have costumes would not feel left out. I made the suggestion that the children should then make costumes at school, get an art lesson and learn some history while they're at it. We'll see what happens next year.

Anyway, I've explained to the school that I'm stark raving pagan and that wearing a costume actually has some sort of meaning, there's a reasoning behind it. If the kid decides to show up in his costume he has my permission to do so, he's not just being a pain in the ass. I'm leaving the decision up to the kid, either way, I've got his back.

BUT now they're afraid he'll be made fun of.... for dressing up.... in a Halloween costume... ON HALLOWEEN! Pfft. Anyone who makes fun of him would be a fool. Just look at the math:

ninja warrior > orange pants

I rest my case.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Morehouse Loops Scarf Review

A while ago (okay, a LONG while ago) I was asked if I'd like to try a Morehouse Farm Knitting Kit. I'm not much of a knitter (more of a disaster with needles really) so I figured a scarf would be the safest bet. I picked this Loops Scarf project since it looked the easiest, and the least likely to cause a meltdown.

The kit comes with two balls of Merino yarn and an instruction/care card. This kit didn't come with needles so I had to wing it with a slightly smaller than suggest set I had on hand.

The pattern for this particular scarf was very easy and forgiving (thank the heavens). I was able to  pick up and put down the project several times. If I found myself with five minutes and fidgety hands it was easy peasy to pick it up and just do a few rows right where I left off.

The finished product? I like it... a lot. I have a similar knitted scarf that I wear all the time but if I'm going indoors it gets a bit warm. This has a lovely weight and doesn't seem to get to that "too hot! must take off!" stage. The scarf isn't flyaway weight though, and drapes nicely. Best of all? It's super soft and not itchy in the least.

The pattern required switching of yarn weights and says to clip the tails off but I rather liked those dangly bits and left them loose. In the end, I actually like my finished scarf more than product shot and THAT my friends is proof positive of a pretty darned good knitting experience.

Now that my confidence has been boosted these BigWrap Knit Kits look pretty tempting...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloweeny Altoid Tin

I created this little Halloween scene inside a blank Altoid sized tin from

Here is a direct link to the tins. It's pretty nice working with the blank tins (clean, flat, ready for crafty lovin'). For a while it was damned near impossible to find flat Altoid tins around here. I wonder if the company has reverted to old school though because I see the flat ones back on the shelves. In any case, the blank tins are a treat.
That little twisty tree is a modified version of THIS tutorial from Pikadilly Charm.

I probably won't post a heck of a lot this week BUT check back soon for some new tutorials that are currently hiding up my sleeves ;)


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Wee Gifts

The fairy village is still at The Gates in Brighton and I think the little guests will be staying until mid-November.

Seeing at faeries do not like to be indebted to anyone, they have been repaying their hosts by hiding gifts for supporters of the Brighton Arts Council. Here's a few of the latest items to be found at the site...

I wonder what those cheeky things might leave next? ;)

The Gallery is Haunted

I'm all set up over in the gallery at Impresario Artisan Market in Cobourg. The "Abandoned House" looks pretty damned cool all backlit and alone on the rear wall.

I'm foregoing the arty 'Opening Night' thing because it terrifies me that no one would come and I'd stand around like a flipping idiot talking to myself, and instead I'll be doing an informal tea leaf reading workshop. This way, if no one comes out to play at least I'll have tea and cookies :P

So, if you're interested in that sort of thing, want to check out the art, give me a hug, tell me a joke, high-five or something, hop over to Impresario on Saturday, October 27th between 1pm and 3pm.  Here's the shop linky...


Germs and bottles

Note: This will be the first of three posts today. I tried to jumble them together but it just made for a really long and crazy sort of post...

Holy, flipping, smokes.

I've been sick for what seems like forever and those damned germs have derailed all of my crafty intentions over the past 2ish weeks. I did managed a blog post last week but realized after an hour that it was too damned depressing and took it down. Anyway, I'm slowly on the mend now and will be covered in glue and glitter in no time at all.

Speaking of glue and glitter...

Alpha Stamps latest swap? Potion Bottles! Use some fabulous chunky chipboard cutouts, embellish, send! Hop on over and join in the fun. Here's one that I made.