Saturday, July 14, 2018

An Exploding Explore Box and a Goofy Surprise

A little something something for AlphaStamps today. 

(Note: AlphaStamps has been updated and you'll need to hop over to alphastamps.NET for the shop.)

Using the Double Explosion Box from the July Kit I've created a little surprise for a sea side adventurer.

I've used a bunch of pieces from the Wanderlust Printed Chipboard which I kinda love.

Quick tip: cut your paper just slightly smaller than the sides and you wont have to worry about bends and folds at the corners. I painted my box first, then applied squares of Wanderlust Souvenir Scrapbook Paper. It made things soooo much easier.

Open the box and inside there's another, tied with twine and embellished with snips from the 
Vintage Travel Tags & Hardware Collage Sheet.

More chipboard pieces and some shell charms. I've applied stamped metal letters that have been hiding my stash for eons.

Remove that wee box and inside a compass so that you'll never be lost on your wandering adventures.

Pretty cute, no?

And, Leslie from AlphaStamps will kill me for this but I made a second goofy exploding box. 

It's all sparkles and glittery stars and unicorn stickers.

Coloured with smooshes of paint and decorated with cheap bits from the $store like fluff and plastic unicorns!

There's an important message too! Less to-dos and more ta-das!

I really do need more ta-das!We ALL need more ta-das! Anyone who says they don't has pants on fire.

ANYWAY... if you want to make an exploding explore box (or a goofy surprise) HERE are all the bits available from And here they are listed individually:

8mm Gold Flat-Back Glass Shell Cabochon
Wanderlust Printed Chipboard
20mm Resin Starfish Cabs
13x17mm Patina Starfish Charms
Patina Scallop Shell Charms
Wanderlust Souvenir Scrapbook Paper
Brass Patina Conch Shell Charms
Double Explosion Box

Monday, July 09, 2018

Grim Little Boxes

Sometimes, in the middle of the sunshine and the dancing fairies, I feel like making something a bit grim. It's not a bad thing. It's not a sad or angry thing. It's just that once in a while a bit of darkness is a nice contrast to the airy fairy.

At the post-halloween sales last year I picked up some wee wooden boxes and a couple of weeks ago I gussied them up with Graphic45 papers and embellishments from my stash.

This blingy skull with heart shaped eyes and rhinestones has been in my stash for AGES! I plonked it on top of a metal keyhole, added some metal brads and wings.

I think it makes a mighty nice frontispiece!.

And these dudes! I love them, but they too have been sitting, waiting to be used. This seemed like a perfect little project for them.

One more wee grim box, this one with a surprise inside.

A vial of Devil's Shoestring to trip up bad luck and provide protection. 
Break in case of emergency!

Hope you're having summer fun and that you don't need one iota of luck.

(I just looked up what an 'iota' is... it is the ninth letter of the greek alphabet and I'm more confused than before.)

Saturday, July 07, 2018

The Fairy Garden

I've been quiet this week, cleaning, clearing and preparing the fairy garden. I didn't have one last year and this year I scaled back. I chose to keep things quiet this year and I'm glad of it. Sure, it means less money... but it's far more charming in a way, the magic is more intimate.

Here are some pics from today's very quiet fairy garden.

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

This bluejay perched on my sign first thing this morning and screeched to the feathered kingdom that there was free birdseed to be had.

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

And this fellow didn't care one bit that it is BIRD seed. 

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

There are berries abound, just ripening.

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

While gnomes don't have a reputation for being exceptionally bright ~ I think that placing your reading chair directly beside a berry bush for snacking is a brilliant idea.

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

The fairies from the fallen tree at the bottom of our hill have moved to a young tree close to the house. Hopefully they'll spruce the place up. (You have no idea how much I wish that was a spruce tree so that joke would be wildly punny.)

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

The foxglove decided to show today!

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

Some of those clovers have to be lucky!

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

The fairies dranks an enormous amount of tea today. I would expect nothing else.

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

A gossamer canopy kindly spun by a spider friend.

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

Tea and pastries next to the clover.

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

Just a few members of my gnome army were out playing in the garden today.

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

Sweet little bucket gardens.

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

Spirals, spirals everywhere.

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

Clay pot houses.

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

I'm sure someone is charging for this space under the deck.

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

BTW, if you ever need to distinguish between a troll and gnome camp, trolls always display their collection of stolen socks. If you have an abundance of odd socks... you probably have a troll infestation.

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

Finally, probably my favourite addition to the garden ever...

Pixie Hill Fairy Garden 2018 - Nichola Battilana

How much fun is this?!?! I can hardly stand it.

Big fat fairy wishes from this years little fairy garden.

Friday, June 29, 2018

An Incomplete Curiosity Composition Box

Ok, my project for isn't finished but... But... BUT!!! I have a very good reason.

We've planned a little family getaway to Montreal next month and I've created this in preparation for my memories. I'll keep little mementos from our adventure and tuck them in this box when I return. I'm so excited!

I'll buy postcards. I'll keep tickets and receipts. Bottle caps and coasters will be placed in here too. Maybe a stone or a leaf or... or... or... the possibilities are endless! I'll keep my eyes peeled for a little tacky souvenir and add that to my curiosity box as well.

I've created embellishments for the box with layers from the Steampunk Shape Set and
Stackable Labels Shape Set. I have to toot my own horn and say I'm really digging that top element!

While I usually mix and match collections, I've stuck with Olde Curiosity Shoppe - Deluxe Collector's Edition from Graphic 45 for this piece. If you like quirky and cool and vintage it'll be right up your ally. If that ain't your cup-o-tea, by all means, make something that suits YOU.

Below is a list of all the bits you'll need and I've got a video walk through for pulling all those bits together. Here's hoping we all make some amazing memories to complete our curiosity composition boxes.

Supply List:
Composition Box - 25
Steampunk Shape Set
Stackable Labels Shape Set

Olde Curiosity Shoppe - Deluxe Collector's Edition
White glue
Acrylic paints (I am in LOVE with Golden Fluid Acrylic Paint Iridescent Copper)
Small brass brads

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Graphic 45 Fairie Dust ATC Tags

Asked to create a self portrait project for Graphic45 my mind raced. Should I upcycle some cool old dodad? Make a steampunky something or other?! Create a super cool Sherlocian whatchamacallit with Master Detective?!?! I was a mess of ideas!

I took a deep breath, refocused, and realized the exact right thing to do was play with the fairies.
My #G45selfie includes three things I like best... ATC's, fussy cutting, and fairy folk.

As a friend of the fairies, I'm all sorts of in love with Fairie Dust. It's so cheery and colourful. I've also added butterflies from Olde Curiosity Shoppe to my project, they just seem to go hand in hand.

I love working in ATC size. If I'm feeling stuck, or need to kick my creative mojo in the pants, creating in ATC size is undaunting (is that a word?) It's a non-stressful size, but big enough to be creative.

I also love fussy cutting. I do it while watching tv, collecting those tiny snips as I cut away. My best fussy cutting tips? Use super sharp scissors and cut more than you think you'll ever use.

Toss all those elements together and you've got yourself a cute-as-can-be set of Fairie Dust ATC's. I’ve created a video to show you exactly how I created these cute little tags. (

So grab some sharp little scissors, some Fairie Dust, and make some magical little tags with me.”

Staples - Artist Trading Tags-Ivory

Graphic 45 Supplies:
Tiny Toadstools
• Parlor Wall
• Butterfly Specifics

Other Supplies:
• glue
• ribbon

• foam squares