Thursday, September 03, 2020

Bees bees bees

The garden is particularly abundant with blooms at the moment. It was tremendously dry last month and everything was crispy brown. I prefer the happy fuchsias and yellows. With those blooms comes bees and butterflies and hummingbirds. I just love watching them. Not so thrilled with the wasps who have also come out whom I swear a blue streak to when they near. Bumble and honeybees on the other hand are a delight.

All that babbling is to introduce this cute set of bumblebees that I made, inspired by my garden visitors. 

They're simply made of balls of paperclay, painted with acrylic. I've added beads added for eyes, and Printed Bee Wings on Transparency . Finally I pushed in a small loop/hook, and added string to give them flight.

I think they're stonkin' cute. How adorable would they bee as a mobile with paper flowers? Gah!

One of the chubby dudes did escape from my craft room, but he was soon discovered in the garden.

He was lured back inside with promises of warm, soft, ginger cookies and tea.

Hope you're dandy and healthy and safe.