Friday, November 21, 2008

Yule is on the way!!!!!!!!

I'm really, really, really excited about Yule and Christmas this year. I can't wait for more snow and for that real wintry feeling. It has snowed here but now I'm greedy and want more! I love the white stuff... just enough to have fun in, not enough to leave me waist deep in a snowbank.

Last year most of our gifts were hand made and it was great to give prezzies that were so well received but it took A LOT of time and effort. This year I'm scaling back and concentrating on the two other Knickertwists. It's so hard to reign it all in but when the wee fella says what he is most looking forward to is our feast... well, I know where to put my efforts.

I'm hoping to start a few new traditions this year including
- not lighting the Christmas tree until winter solstice to represent the coming of the light
- leaving gifts (bird seed/twine balls) for the nature spirits on winter solstice... I have an idea and I'll post it if it happens to turn out.

What I'm really hoping for is nice, cozy and happy. I think those are pretty good hopes.