Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sparkly carriages and the dangers of excess

For AlphaStamps this month I've created not one but TWO sparkly Cinderella Coaches.

Because I'm as lazy as one can possibly be... and, let's face it, I have an extreme glitter fetish... my immediate impulse was to bathe these beauties in the sparkly stuff. And because I have low impulse control, that's just what I did.

Now this may seem a bit much (it totally is) but it doesn't actually take THAT much glitter to completely douse something if you prepare. Basically, I paint the object the colour of my glitter (in this case white), then, working in sections, apply a thin layer of glue and cover with glitter. Tap off the excess, collect the extra sparkly stuff, and move on to the next section. Easy peasy!

I LOVE the over the top glimmer of these coaches but the Large Size Cinderella Coach did pose a bit of a safety risk. The glitter I used on that particular one was Twinklets Diamond Dust. It is gorgeous, but made from finely ground glass... so covering the entire piece makes it difficult to handle. All those sharp little glass slivers sticking out all over gave me a few scratches. Crafting is dangerous business!

But look how pretty. Totally worth it.

Those Pale Pink Paper Roses and Bright Pink Paper Roses are so lush and I love the spark of colour they give. Cute as damned buttons!

Speaking of cute, here's the Cinderella Coach - Mini Size gussied with glitter too! I used clear glitter for this coach, and added Tiny Mixed Size Flat-Back Pearls and pieces from the Wide Header with 4 Scrolls Silicone Mold. Those little sparkly dots are just inexpensive self adhesive elements from the $store.

This carriage is topped withe a little metal crown and is carrying a big fat bunch of Bright Pink Paper Roses.

I'm not planning on getting married again, but... how cute would it be to use one of these to present a ring?! *swoon!* Hang on... you don't need to get married to get a ring right? 

Important note: I actually prefer my rings in doughnut form.

Being ultra extra lazy, inside those carriages I've simply tucked in a bit of shimery organza. That's it!

Sometimes the 'lazy' way is a little kooky, a whole lot of glittery, and maybe a little dangerous... but there's nothing saying it's not adorable too.

Want to make your own? Here's the a list of the supplies used:
Flat-Back Gold Star Studs - 12mm*
Twinklets Diamond Dust - 3oz Jar
Tiny Mixed Size Flat-Back Pearls
Wide Header with 4 Scrolls Silicone Mold
Symmetrical Bronze Flourish
Not what I used but... Tiny Antique Silver 3D Crowns*
Bright Pink Paper Roses
Large Size Cinderella Coach
Cinderella Coach - Mini Size
1 Inch Pale Pink Paper Roses*
Mini Rose Buds - Pink Cream Variegated*
Large Bronze Curved Feathery Filigree
Star Fairy Wand Charm - Silver

And HERE is everything in one place.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Little Death Matchbox Shrine

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

We don't...

Well, not really...

Okay, I confess, last year asked for chocolates and a card. After almost 25 years with the fella with no romantic demands, I don't think it was asking too much.

This year Mr Pixie asked what I wanted for Valentine's. I said "Nothing" but quickly changed my mind and requested a cheesecake and his spot on the couch.

Mr. P has actually been quite woo-ey over the past few months. It's so out of the ordinary that family members have asked if one of us is dying. For the record, we're both fine. *knock on wood*

Speaking of death....

The Little Death Matchbox Shine for Love and Lovers w/ tute - Nichola Battilana

I made this piece specifically to celebrate Valentine's Day. "The Little Death" matchbox shrine is a bit of a cheeky joke with "La petite mort" a metaphor for sexual orgasm.

The Little Death Matchbox Shine for Love and Lovers w/ tute - Nichola Battilana

Despite there being a little skull smack dab in the middle, and it being called 'The Little Death', this isn't about doom and gloom. It's sex, love and romance baby!

The Little Death Matchbox Shine for Love and Lovers w/ tute - Nichola Battilana

Some of those little paper flowers look like chrysanthemums, a symbol of joy and optimism. Maybe they are asters, talisman of love and a symbol of patience.

The Little Death Matchbox Shine for Love and Lovers w/ tute - Nichola Battilana

There's a golden butterfly, the symbol of the soul and positive transformation.

That shiny amber something at the bottom of the shrine? A nod to Freya, the Norse goddess of love, sex, beauty and death. Freya would weep amber tears while waiting for her beloved husband to return to her from his extended journeys.

The Little Death Matchbox Shine for Love and Lovers w/ tute - Nichola Battilana

Ok, maybe there is a tiny bit of death in all of this, but so many symbols associated with love, sex and life also share a connection with death. And why not, that's what we do isn't it? We live, we love, we die... hopefully we do it all well.

If you're interested in seeing "The Little Death" being made, hop over HERE or watch below

And here's a list of the supplies I used to create that wee shrine.

• coloured tissue paper
Creative Paperclay
• standard match box
• chess rook
• paper (I used a vintage love poem and G45 scrapbook paper)
• charms (metal crown, stamped brass butterfly)
2 Symmetrical Flourishes Silicone Mold
Flower Soft (used for flower centres)
Narrow Gold Fleur Dresden Borders*
Tiny Dot Dresden Borders - Gold*
• acrylic paint
• glue

Note: The tool I mention in the video is a ball stylus... not necessary, but a handy thing to have around.

Whether you're celebrating today or not, I'm sending a little love your way.

Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie pies!

Friday, February 10, 2017

I am not a painter

I am not a painter
... but I do it anyway.

Still running with the inspiration of the AGO's Mystical Landscapes exhibit, I've made a handful of little paintings. Canvas' covered with starry nights, strange moons and fluttering birds. All my favourite things mushed up together.

I wish my hands would cooperate with the things that my mind dreams up. I wish my painting was fine and delicate.

I *wish* I was a painter in the same way I wish I was poet, or filmmaker, or writer. In a way, I think I'm still waiting to figure out what I am.

What sort of strange bird am I? Maybe I'm not a bird at all! Maybe I'm a moth or a bat!

One thing is for certain, I am not a painter.

But I do it anyway.

The 'do-ing' is the most important part of all. Do what you love. Enjoy what gives you pleasure and joy and don't allow what you are (or are not) to get in the way.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Being bratty, exceptions, and mossy stumps

I don't do commissions. There are very few exceptions to this rule. Commissions, in general, suck the fun out of making. Maybe it's the pressure to please. Maybe it's my inner brat refusing to enjoy anything that I am forced to do. Like every book I HAD to read in high-school, it doesn't matter how enjoyable it actually is, the 'must' ruins it.

But there are exceptions.

These stumps loitering my mantle, for example. Most will become homes for tiny porcelain fairies made by my friends at

The remainder will sit in my studio until brillance strikes and I have my way with them!

What sort of mischief or magic do you think could take place inside little mossy stump?

Monday, February 06, 2017

Swapping with a Slytherin

Itty bitty post today. I forgot to show off this bundle of stuff I swapped with a crafty buddy.

A bunch of Harry Potter miniatures including, scrolls, books, frienship pins and bracelet, newpapers and, last by not least, a portrait of Snape. I know... he's rather handsome here. I think I was projecting a little bit.

And what did I get in return? This amazing pin cushion by the super talented audi.ty

Isn't it the coolest?! I just love a good swap.

Hope your week kicks off on just the right note.


Friday, February 03, 2017

Lover's Eye Shadow Box

This month for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts I've created something mystical and sort of romantic: a lover's eye shadow box.

I started with Gypsy Soul's Deco Front Shadowbox as the base, and added wings from the Wings Assortment to the top of the framed area.

I've always been fascinated with miniature 'lover's eye' paintings and so, with it being so close to Valentine's Day, decided to add my own to this piece. I painted an eye on a small piece of thick watercolour paper, placed it in a watch hob, then surrounded it with rhinestones.

Lover's eye paintings were popular during the late 1700s and early 1800s. The first such painting was exchanged between the Prince of Wales and a widowed commoner. They were tiny, discreet tokens, intimate portraits to give to ones lover. I won't tell you whose eye this is...

Inside I've placed replicas 15th century Visconti-Sforza tarot cards, The Empress and Death. The Empress is one of my favourite cards, representing not only feminity, but wisdom and creation. And Death isn't such a bad fellow. He might mark some sort of ending or conclusion which makes way for positive change. 

I've added a little number 7 at the bottom. Seven symbolizes perfection and unity... and it's lucky!

Some Victorian Corners painted copper and topped with flat back pearls complete the piece. Pearls represent wisdom and luck... both things we could all do with in matters of love.

If you'd like to make your own, I have a walk through available HERE
Flat back pearls