Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A to do list....

I'm not a big fan of New Year's Eve, and I don't go in for resolutions, however I decided that it might be fun to draft a list of things I'd like to do this year. Most of the things on my list are crafty things I'd like to do, and some are unfinished projects.

1. Paint portrait of hubby's grannie
2. Portrait of Dawn French
3. Luchador Series *started on 5 paintings!
4. Fairy Godmother Book *back stories started
5. Clock
6. Knit something for D *Done! Skull Beanie
7. Knit something for P
8. Knit a sweater *only one sleeve left!
9. Finish Alex's Quilt
10. Portrait of Blackadder
11. 'Gypsy' Quilt Block for charity *done and sent!
12. Finish Shrunken Heads
13. Ferret Painting for Nathan
14. Magnificent Halloween Window
15. Do something with the zillion glass xmas balls that are in my stash
16. Create a coven of witches
17. Create a "Sin Eater"
18. Start a Grimoire from the stampbook
19. Knit a Dr. Who scarf
20. Finish fairy box series
21. Create side-show themed something
22. Finish the black shrine on the go
23. Create a large shrine for the House
24. Make pineapple-upsidedown cake
25. Luchador costume for D
26. Make skirts from stash
27. Make outfit suitable for fancy attire
28. Make fabulous brooch and accessories for fancy dress items above
29. Make D's Halloween costume
30. Try to cook something new once a week (okay, maybe once a month)
31. Create a giant collage of D's drawings and school work
32. Make t's for Paul
33. Tree Man Box
34. Create 'memory boxes'
35. Photo's for hallway
36. Finish painting walls/ceiling that are sitting half done
37. Create an experiment with colour
38. Finish oil paintings (ug!)
39. Make book of D's photos
40. Make Fruitcake for x-mas
41. Make something spectacularly Halloweeny
42. Make something teeny weeny
43. Finish Christmas snowmen
44. Make Michelle's recipe box *box bought, now on to the making
45. Paint a bigger painting
46. Crochet something other than a grannie square
47. Make a family cookbook
48. Make some monsters
49. "Last Supper" pillow
50. Fondue!

I really want to bust my stash of crafty supplies this year. I want to see just how much stuff I can make. How far can I push myself? I have loads of things that I've picked up from second hand shops and I really need to do something with all of it. It will be exciting to see just what can be done in a year.