Monday, July 30, 2007

On our way ...

We've taken a break from Knickertwist's over the past few months. It's been a time to reflect on what direction we want to take our business, to enjoy some family time before the wee fella starts 'big boy' school, and a time to create simply for the enjoyment of it. It's been a nice break but we really do want to get down to business making the best items we can for those that follow a pagan path.


In October we will be taking part in Haunted Hamilton's Gothic Gala. The missus is set to participate as one of the 'readers' at the event and is very excited. The folks over at Haunted Hamilton are some of the nicest people around and we are flattered that they have asked us to take part.

We are also considering running a "Tea Reading for Beginnners" workshop in late October or early November. The cost will be minimal and spaces limited. If you would like to be invited to this event please email us directly. Your email will never be shared or sold with anyone for any reason.