Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Happy Lammas!

We, as a pagan family, don't celebrate every festival of the Wheel of the Year. While we do celebrate Yule, Halloween, May Day, Midsummer and the Autumn Equinox, Lammas is not one of those festivals that we are drawn to. Generally those days that we do celebrate hold some sort of deep meaning for us and make sense for us celebrate.

Lammas is a celebration marking the beginning of the harvest season. The harvest is a very important time of year for the Knickertwist family. Mister K. is a winemaker and the harvest quite literally rules our lives for approximately two months of the year. Everything revolves around the grape harvest and making wine from mid-September until ... well, until the job is done. While Lammas marks the begining of the harvest for some, for us the Autumnal Equinox truly means that the harvest is upon us.

While we may not share in this celebration I hope that all of you who DO hold today as a special occation are blessed with all the goodness the harvests brings.