Monday, November 19, 2007

Ho hum

We weren't as successful at the Craft Fair as I had hoped. We still sold a few things and that is better than a kick in the head. I was really surprised how freaked out some people were about my Spirit Dolls. Sometimes I forget that people have different tastes and see things differently. I certainly find beauty in places that others might not. I really should know better. My family members are often weirded out by some of the things I think are nifty. Ha! My granny is always saying how much talent I have and what a shame it is that I don't make "nice" things. Although she also thought that my paintings were copies of someones elses originals and was shocked to learn that they come from my own apparently twisted little mind.

Anywho, I've opened up an etsy shop since I'm building up quite the collection of crafted goods. It seems like it may be a nice fit for the types of things I've been working on lately. Ebay was good fun for a while but the fees are a killer and the sellers, unfortunately, are not as supportive of each other as you'd hope. We've never bad mouthed other sellers or their wares. We figure that different people have different ways of doing things and that buyers should decide for themselves. It always makes me giggle a bit when I see people selling magickal herbs and saying "These are not ordinary culinary herbs". Aren't those just as important in magick making? I certainly consider rosemary and basil as two of the most versitile and potent herbs in my witches cupboard. Also the whole "these have been blessed by our high preistess..." gets me too. I don't want other peoples magick getting in the way of my own work. Ah well, as I said, we all have our preferences and I'm sure those things are important to someone.