Sunday, July 26, 2009

The countdown continues

It was a crazy day today. Thunderstorms brought buckets of rain that flooded the streets of the East end of Hamilton. Just blocks from our house basements were underwater and streets impassable. I feel for those friends and neighbours who've been affected by the rains... for some this is not the first round of flooding they've dealt with.

We're packing like mad. There's only 14 days left till moving day. The Mr. is starting to panic about the logistics of everything and the sheer amount of stuff we have to move. I'm totally excited and think that the packing is going fairly well although I do keep thinking about all the unpacking with each box I tape shut.

As a gal who has lived in a rather large city for the last 20 years moving to the sticks is a big change. While laying with the kiddo, trying to get him to sleep, I thought about the noise and wondered for just a minute if I'd miss it. Will I miss the sirens, the motorcycles, the busy street traffic and the noisy bar across the way? Not a chance!

I wonder if the scene in my mind will come close to what the reality will be once we move. Will this city gal be pleased as punch to stay home and make pie and craft? Or will I quickly feel the need for a big dirty city and start up a cult or hooker ring in my new home town? Hey, there's a great sushi place about 20 minutes away from the new house... I'm sure I'll survive.