Friday, October 09, 2009

Complainy Pants

I'm going to rant again... this time it's serious.

When we moved into our loverly new place we were well aware of the fact that there was a factory of sorts across the street. We were willing to deal with it because we loved the house so much and we can put up with a bit of noise during the day. It's clear that things are not all sunshine and roses around here.

The building is called CB Freezers and they are a blast freezer facility. They are also a 24 hour a day business, something no one told us. No worries, how bad can it be? Truth be told it can be pretty damned bad at times.

I can deal with noise. I lived near a main road in a city of 500,000 people in a house that backed on to a bar and Harley Dealship. This is worse and no one in power seems to give a hoot. Imagine a continual loud hum that alternates 5-10 minutes on/10-20 minutes off from late at night to the wee hours of the morning. One night last month this lasted 9 hours. It's not every night but it's enough to get me pretty pissy.

Here is my problem. I've called the by-law office and have been told that there is nothing I can do because the building is zoned industrial they are exempt from the noise by-law. They can make as much noise as they want, whenever they want, no matter what time of the night or day. Despite the fact that I told the by-law gal that even airports and gravel pits have to adhere to certain guidelines I was told that there is nothin' for me to do but deal with it.

This is all sorts of wrong on so many levels. There ARE laws for noise contamination, so what gives?

A tired me is a mean me and I'm ready to do something. All can do is try right? Let's hope that trying actually gets me somewhere.