Thursday, October 01, 2009

My faith is restored.

I emailed the folks at Rona and they contacted me about the paint issue I had using their Eco-Paint. I'm really pleased about this because it means they give a hoot about their products and their customers.

I'm also happy they did because I had a can of "Cotton" sitting here and I used it on my hallway yesterday. This was a much better experience :) The best part of all was that I managed to do the whole thing in a single coat! I honestly don't think I've ever painted anything with a single coat.

It doesn't look like too much of a change in the photos but we went from a dirty greeny yellow to a lovely soft very pale sort of grey/white which looks much cleaner and less sickly.

Anyway, despite the previous bad paint I'm a pretty happy customer :)


  1. Was it just a bad round of paint or maybe you have to mix it a certain way? Just curious!

  2. I got a message saying that at some point the labels for their product had to be changed and that they think the tin was mislabled. They've been really great about the whole thing.