Monday, December 28, 2009

How much actually got done?

Last year I made a list of 50 things I wanted to do/make through 2009. Let's see how I did...

3. Luchador Series DONE!
4. Fairy Godmother Book DONE!
5. Clock DONE!
6. Knit something for D DONE!
8. Knit a sweater DONE!
9. Finish Quilt DONE
11. 'Gypsy' Quilt Block for charity DONE!
12. Finish Shrunken Heads DONE!
16. Create a coven of witches DONE!
22. Finish the black shrine on the go DONE!
23. Create a large shrine for the house DONE!
29. Make D's Halloween costume DONE
35. Photo's for hallway DONE!
36. Finish painting walls/ceiling that are sitting half done DONE!
37. Create an experiment with colour DONE!
40. Make Fruitcake for x-mas DONE! (sort of)
42. Make something teeny weeny DONE!
46. Crochet something other than a grannie square DONE!

18 things done from the list. Not too bad considering that we unexpectedly moved 150 miles this year. Besides there were loads of other things not on the list that were also done.
Some things that will remain on this years list...

Paint portrait of hubby's grannie
Portrait of Blackadder
Do something with the zillion glass xmas balls that are in my stash
Create a "Sin Eater"
Knit a Dr. Who scarf
Try to cook something new once a week
Create a giant collage of D's drawings and school work
Make t's for Paul
Tree Man Box
Make a family cookbook

Some new goals...

Bust my craft stash!
Host fab dinner party
Redo our bedroom
Space up D's room
Craft up the kitchen
Finish 'houses'
'Wine' Shrine
'Hoodoo' Witch
Deck of Cards
Greeting Card Set
Fairy Godmother Book
More jewellry!
More paper crafts!

Ideally I'd like to have something, something I'm chuffed with, to show for each week.