Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hurrah for mail!

The mail brought with it my latest photo purchases today.

When you're looking for photos you'll find that pretty ladies doing sweet things, detailed dresses and cute little girls will fetch higher prices. These three wee boys, the young gentleman, and two fantastic old biddies cost me a whopping $8... including shipping.

The women are truly awesome. I felt sorry for the boys because no one had bid on the poor things so I tossed my pennies in. If you decided to buy your own pics you may find that the images are a bit worn, scratched or stained but for me nothing beats saving an old ghost in the name of craftiness.

Also today... it blows me away how the goddess'/gods manage to provide me with exactly what I need. Something seemingly impossible to obtain landing directly on my doorstep. *sigh* I love that :)