Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Power of Advertising

Today, while I would rather be making stuff, is floor day. My wood floors dull. I've been having a hard time finding anything to make them shine. I've tried Murphy's and just about every other product short of renting a buffer but still no shine. I decided to give "Rejuvenate Floor Restorer" a try. The $20 price tag had deterred me, but it was time to cave in.

The before shot...


The results aren't quite as miraculous as the photos on the label but they are pretty darned good and I am happy with my purchase. Did they make our floors look brand spanking new? No. Will I be redoing my floors again with this product. You bet.

Infomercials are a favourite of our 6 year old, 'the Big D'. For over a year he's been asking for that crazy Lord's Prayer Cross. "But mum! It says it would make the perfect gift for Easter." I have had to explain to him several times that as pagan parents we are not likely to spend $40 on that.

For Christmas this year he had some money of his own to buy presents. He bought himself and his dad matching Snuggy blankets. For days leading up to Christmas he kept asking my husband "Wouldn't you like a blanket you can watch tv in, or answer the phone with ease?"

Lastly we have the Slap Chop. My kid loves this commercial. Just last night we discussed it at the dinner table.

"You know mum, if you had the Slap Chop you could cut everything up easily."

"D, did you know that product doesn't work very well? They tried it on tv and they said the food gets stuck in the blades."

"But it opens up like a butterfly!"

Thank the gods he hasn't discovered the shopping network!