Monday, April 12, 2010


Just look at that glorious colour! Everything seems so lovely and bursting with life today. *dreamy sigh*

We had our front door fixed today. It's been sitting broken for about 2 weeks. One of the things that distinguishes rural/small town life from the big city is the pace in which things are done. We've waited for the door to be fixed, for our garage doors to be replaced, we wait in line while people chat in shops... we wait for about a million other little things... but it's something that I find I've quickly grown accustomed to and don't mind in the least. As long as things get done eventually we'll be alright. I wonder what the rush was in the first place.

I figure I must be assimilating rather nicely because I even find myself humming along and rockin' my head to the local classic rock station. Hell, I don't even cringe when Rush comes on anymore! Less than a year ago I would have gagged and begged for the station to be changed as soon as Geddy Lee's 'distinctive' voice wavered over the airwaves. My poor husband has lost the button labeled "Tom Sawyer" that he enjoyed pushing at every opportunity :)