Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Hierophant

My partner in the 'craft a tarot card' swap left the second card choice up to me. I chose card no. 5 'The Hierophant'.

Looking through my collection of old photos I came across a group shot of a gang priests (Do they travel in gangs I wonder? What exactly do you call a group of holy men?). Anywho I thought this fellow was suitable.

The Hierophant is/was also called The Pope or High Priest in some decks. In the journey of the Fool the hierophant is a wise man who gives advice, helping him to cope with his fears, bringing him back to reality.

I was raised Catholic, and although I never had a priestly sage to turn to, I was fortunate enough to know a few nuns who gave wonderful bits of wisdom. I remember speaking about one of the priests that struck fear into all of us and a sister telling us "A priest is just a man. He is God's agent... but he is not God." Another told us that sometimes feeling lazy might be God's way of telling us to settle down and take a break once in while.

I may not follow the same path as those nuns but they were wildly wonderful people :)