Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Crafty Studio

Finally my crafty goods have been unpacked and most of my stash has found a place to hide. I don't really have a design style... at all... no really, I'm terrible! For me, decorating is more about putting all my stuff in a somewhat hidden but still accessible space. Although I'd love for my crafty space to stay as neat as it is right now, I know that it in a matter of minutes it will become a disaster :)

For the thrifty types out there... The Books - free, used for tearing up. The Lamp - given to us last week, was awful black glass with painted flowers... spray paint did the trick. The Paper Holder - an old LP holder from a second hand store. The Wooden Desk - $7 from the Re-Use Centre.


  1. Beautifully neat and tidy! I wish my wonderful space could be that way! Takes seconds to destroy!

  2. What a lovely little spot! It's great! :D Definitely a good place to be inspired

  3. My creative space is like that too: it's nice to have it neat and tidy but one quick job and it looks like an explosion. I look at as a chance to start fresh every month when I clean it all up again

  4. Awesome space! That lovely pointy hat in the first pic is supremely wonderful! =D
    Messing up one's space is always half the fun... I hope you enjoy crafting in this new place! ^-^