Monday, July 26, 2010

Butterfly wings and bees wax

Our house guests are gone and we now have a couple of weeks all to ourselves. The pull out bed has been tucked away and my craft room is now mine once more! Time to get on to the making.
I had about a dozen mini canvases laying about and it was about time to put them to use. The result are these sort of dreamy mini collages covered in beeswax. They have lovely things like lavender buds and four leaf clovers stuck in them. A couple even have real butterfly wings embedded in the wax.
Don't worry, I didn't go butterfly hunting for this project. The wings have been sitting in my stash for ages after finding them along a beach years ago.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! I have never seen this technique to my knowledge and it makes an amazing piece.

  2. Guests are great, but it's always nice to have one's crafting space back...
    These are really neat! Those are the tiniest canvases I've ever seen! Did you make them or buy them? ^-^

  3. Good evening :)

    I found your blog through following links from your post of the fairy godmother book over on the craftster forum, and from there to your website, and from there to your blog. I am absolutely, without a doubt in love with the creativity that pours freely from everything you seem to do! It makes me excited to get my own butt in gear and start creating :)

    My name is Jessica, by the way and I'm over in Oshawa, ON and it's always refreshing to know of other creative ladies nearby (or at least somewhat nearby)

    Oh - if you're ever interested, I blog myself over at where I post vintage graphics and the like :)

    Now a faithful follower,


  4. Thanks for the nice words ladies :)

    Duchess: I did not make them, I bought them. You can pick them up at Curry's... they come in several wee sizes.

    Jessica: We're practically neighbours! I'll hop on over to snoop around your blog right now :)

  5. These are beautiful! I especially love the one with the clover.